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    I have to restore my 330GTC '68. The original color was light blue with blue interior, but I want to repaint the car with a cream original Ferrari color(with brown interior), probably a "Giallo Dino 20-Y-348". Is that color right for a 330 GTC? Any one knows about other similar cream color for this car? Would be important for me and about the colors composition to make the paint.

    thanks to those who can help me
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    These are 71 to 73 colors, i would think some of the 1968 colours would have followed through to the early 70's, sorry i cant be more specific but this is the nearest i can find.

    I Have just found this list from eurospares web-site 1965-1969 they say is for your car:-

    Solid Colour Colour Code

    Amaranto 19.374 it / 20.153

    Argento Auteuil 106.E.1

    Azzuro La Plata 20.A.167

    Azzurro Met 19.278M / 20.336 / 1.443.648

    Blu 19.343

    Blu 20.444

    Blu Chiaro 20.295

    Blu Chiaro Met 2.443.604

    Blu Notte 20.454

    Blu Porpora 66.426

    Blu Sera 20.264

    Blu Sera Met 20.100M / 106.A.18 / 2.443.603

    Blu Scuro 20.448 / 95C-6159

    Blu Turchese 23.132

    Bianco 20.414

    Bianco Polo Park 20.W.152

    Celeste Met 20.411

    Celeste Chiaro 106.A.26


    Grigio Argento 20.265 / 25.090

    Grigio Ferro 106.E.8

    Grigio Fumo 20.294

    Grigio Notte 106.E.28

    Marrone 2.662.378


    Nocciola 20.451

    Nocciola Met 106.M.27

    Oro Chiaro Met 19.410M

    Rosso 19.374

    Rosso Chiaro 20.R.190

    Rosso Chiaro 20.R.191

    Rosso Cina 20.456

    Rosso Cordoba Met 106.R.7

    Rosso Rubino Met 20.481

    Verde 20.449

    Verde Pinot 20.453 / 106.G.30

    These colour codes apply to the Ferrari 500 Superfast, 365 California, 275 GTB, 275 GTB/4 and 275 GTS/4 models. They were also used for the Ferrari 330 GTC, 330 GTS, 365 GTC and 365 GT2+2 up to mid 1969
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    John Ratto
    If you paint it a light cvolor, I think you will be sorry. All that chrome and brightwork calls for a darker color to set it off. I painted mine (ex) blu scuro with a tan interior and it looked stunning. Second choice was metallic charcoal gray.
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    Im looking to return my 67’ 330 GTC to Blue 19391 as per factory records. Does anyone know of a 330 GTC in this color or how many were made in this blue?
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    Blu Scuro 19391 Italver.

    Marcel Massini
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    I'm not sure that's the full list for 330 GTCs. Mine was originally Grigio Medio 19249, and I don't see that on the list. Mine is currently Nero (repainted around 1980). Someday, I will take it back to the original color - though I'm not sure I know exactly what that "medium gray" looks like.
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    Why do you want to change the color. In my opinion the 330 looks gorgeous in light blue!
    If I were you I would keep the colour. But in the end you should choose what pleases you.
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    Actually #10521 is currently Dino Rosso. The Blu Marcel is referring to is stunning. Today stripping the car we found behild the parcel shelf a nice piece of original blue i’m going to color match.
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