330 GTC vs Daytona

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    Robert G. Zambelli
    I guess I should jump in at this point.

    As many of you may know, I’ve owned my 330GTC as an everyday driver since 1975. I am the second owner and I acquired the car with around 40,000 miles – it is now coming up on 194,000. I’ve rebuilt the engine and transmission, refurbished the suspension, shocks and springs, did some minor interior work. I also converted a few electrical items to more reliable units, such as installed Hayden cooling fans, Bosche coils and a GM alternator. I also fabricated my own design exhaust system.

    Looking at the color – it was originally light metallic blue and I just didn’t like it. Since I was broke from buying the car, I went to an auto paint supply store, bringing the horn button with me. I told them I wanted a yellow to match that on the button. Turns out it was 1975 Corvette Bright Yellow. So, I went home with a gallon of yellow, two gallons of thinner and a gallon of primer, and learned how to paint!

    Although I’ve never owned a Daytona, I’ve driven many and I can say that from sheer power and driving experience, there’s nothing like it – ANYWHERE! It’s heavy but from the way it handles and accelerates, you’d never know it. There is not a (production) vehicle from its era that can come close to the overall driving experience of the Daytona.

    So, why did I buy a GTC? First off, money. I wanted a birthday gift from me to me and the GTC was all that I could afford. Secondly, I just plain like the looks. More elegant than sporty. Roominess – the GTC has an amazingly large trunk that suited my needs. Look at the first picture – all of that fit inside the car! Simplicity. I like to do all my own work and the type 209 engine is very easy to maintain.

    So, here are some comparisons based strictly on my own opinions and experience.

    Looks: GTC is prettier, Daytona more “purposeful looking”

    Sound: Daytona with a stock exhaust, my GTC with the custom exhaust.

    Interior comfort: Daytona. I like the seats much better than my GTC (no headrests)

    Brakes: Daytona has ventilated discs, much better at speed. GTC brakes are adequate for everyday driving.

    Acceleration and top speed: definitely Daytona!

    AC: GTC is definitely better.

    Gas mileage: Who cares?

    Interior noise: about the same, GTC may be a bit quieter.

    Standing under the car, the drivelines appear identical, having two engine mounts and two transmission mounts. The transaxle and engine are rigidly coupled by means of a torque tube with a semi-rigid driveshaft running inside. The driveshaft acts as a torsional spring, absorbing torsional vibrations.

    The engines differ in many ways, the 330 being a wet sump, triple carb single cam engine having a 77 x 71 MM bore and stroke, while the Daytona is a four-cam, six carb, dry sump powerplant, with a 81 x 71 MM bore and stroke.

    The transaxle also is a bit different. The 330 uses bushings for some of the shafts while the Daytona uses needle roller bearings. Both are pressure-lubricated.

    The Daytona uses CV type axle joints (Bendix-Weiss, as I recall) while the GTC uses a Spicer type.

    Regarding prices, I do not follow the market so I have no clue as to the selling prices of the two cars.

    Spend some time with them, drive them both and decide which is best for you!

    I hope this helps in your decision.

    Bob Z.

    ps – if I had to do it all over again, would I still buy the GTC? YEP!
  2. Bob Zambelli

    Bob Zambelli F1 Rookie
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    Nov 3, 2003
    Manning, SC
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    Robert G. Zambelli
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    That’s what true Ferrari ownership is a all about. We love what we have and still can respect others cars and Opinions. Well said
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    Steven Robertson
    Or for roughly the same money you could get both a Boxer and a 365 GTC/4.
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    That is pretty spectacular! I aspire to have the same attitude with my cars, but I have to admit that with values being what they are these days, I'm finding it harder than in the past..

    Regarding the OP's query, in the course of shopping, I've driven a fair number of GTCs and Daytonas, and certainly appreciate the charms of both. Since few of us are "one dimensional" beings, I think it is perfectly possible to be undecided on preference, even though they are very different types of cars.

    Mechanically, I don't think a Daytona is tangibly more complex to take care of than a GTC. Even parts costs seem to be pretty comparable.

    To me, GTCs are quicker cars than some give them credit for, but you have to keep them "up on the cams" all the time if you want to enjoy that quickness.

    As I ponder the differences in character, I am reminded of a very old review of the original Toyota MR2 and the turbo-charged 2nd-gen MR2. To the best of my recollection, it went something like "The old MR2 was all smiles; friendly, fleet and fun. The new MR2 is all business; furious, fulminating and fast." To my thinking the differences between the GTC and Daytona are similar. The GTC is a more fun car to zip around in, and if you rev it, it will go with sufficient verve; a very retro feel that in some ways (and I mean this in the most complimentary way) it reminds me of the original Miata in that it feels a little old fashioned, but just modern enough to be easy to use; an elegant car to admire and enjoy as a willing partner. The Daytona is more imposing, and always feels like it is "straining at the leash" a bit; a much more modern supercar feel to it, where you would probe its limits at your peril; an iconic car to lust after, but somehow also a car that sometimes feels more like it owns you, rather than you own it... :)

    Ultimately, I favor the Daytona, but part of that is because I think it is a more interesting car in the arc of the Ferrari road cars; particularly in light of the comparisons to the Miura, and its enduro-racing success. I also find its aesthetics to be sort of singular in the road cars, which again gives it a sense of being special. Finally, I guess I just can't resist the notion that maybe driving a Daytona provides some tiny connection to the souls that turned wheels in anger for Ferrari...
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