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348 Challenge Twin Turbo

Discussion in 'Ad Archives' started by white out, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. white out

    white out Formula 3

    Mar 3, 2010
    #1 white out, Mar 28, 2016
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    1994 348 Challenge TB Turbo
    Challenge Car number 10 of 32
    25,440 miles
    Complete with books and tools
    609 wheel horsepower (700 crank/rated horsepower)
    Chassis Number 98498

    This 348 Challenge is in immaculate condition inside and out. It has many of the factory Challenge options that were available from Ferrari, including: Speedline wheels, roll cage, racing harnesses, fire extinguisher, plexiglass rear window and fog light covers, vented undertrays, suspension upgrades, freer flowing exhaust, carbon fiber seats, and lightweight bumpers.

    This 348 Challenge was built to be driven and enjoyed with reliability. This classic Ferrari has 700 crank horsepower, a gated 6 speed manual transmission and a modern traction control system to efficiently put power to the ground. In other words, this 348 makes as much power as an Aventador, weighs half as much and is able to use the power.

    There was no expense spared for the build and the Ferrari has over $250,000 invested. The aftermarket and custom parts are made to look like factory pieces to the untrained eye. Further, the 348 is comprised of many rare Ferrari parts with meticulous details that are appreciated by true aficionados.

    Steve Maxwell Exotic Car Service completely stripped, restored and built the 348 Challenge after its racing career, including the Ferrari Challenge series, had ended. An extensive history of the work completed is included with the 348. It has recently received service, including: valve adjustment, new cam belt and new clutch. The 348 is complete with factory Challenge car cover, books and tools.

    This 348 Challenge was on the cover of Forza Magazine, featured in European Car Magazine, Matt Farah’s The Smoking Tire program and countless automotive blogs. It is the most well-known 348 in modern culture. This is the ultimate driver’s Ferrari which you can take on a leisurely drive, to a car show, a cross-country road-trip or merely run away from modern exotics.

    Asking price of $139,000

    The Smoking Tire Review:

    Below is a brief list of the modifications. A complete list will be included with the 348 Challenge.

    - Approximately 16k miles since build
    - Original engine delivered with car
    - Ported heads with Inconel valves, Ferrea springs
    - Ported intake runners and exhaust flanges
    - JE pistons
    - Vitton valve seals
    - Carillo rods
    - New factory sleeves, bearings, gaskets and seals
    - Coil on plug ignition
    - CNC intake manifold plenum with original runners
    - Magnetti Marelli throttle bodies with CNC arms
    - 321 stainless steel equal length headers
    - 304 stainless steel downpipes
    - Custom exhaust with all v-band connections, easily removable for engine service
    - Inconel thermal blankets cover the exhaust
    Turbo Components
    - Comp Turbo T-04 60-62 turbochargers (triple ball bearing)
    - TiAL F-41 waste gates (2)
    - 6061 aluminum charge piping with t-bolt connectors and US made silicone couplers
    - TiAL blow off valve
    - Spearco liquid intercooler with front mounted heat exchangers
    - CNC fuel hangers with 4 modern Bosch fuel pumps
    - 725cc fuel injectors
    - Stand alone ECUs with DTA management (full tuning control)
    - Traction control and launch control
    - Low and High boost settings (513 wheel horsepower / 609 wheel horsepower)
    - Custom wiring harness with mil spec connectors
    - CNC fuse box
    355 Challenge 6 speed transmission
    - Gears stress relieved, heat treated and cryogenically treated
    - Stud conversion to fit 348 engine
    - 355 shifter and rod with CNC machined mounts to retain original studs
    - Custom fabricated cross-member to mount 355 transmission
    - 348 GTC transmission heat exchanger
    Brakes / Wheels
    - Speedline Ferrari Challenge Magnesium wheels
    - Toyo R888 tires
    - 6 piston AP racing calipers / front and rear
    - 362mm x 38mm rotors / front and rear
    - Original parking brake retained
    - Challenge suspension
    - Solid top hats
    - Shocks re-valved for more rebound control
    - 355 Challenge sway bars
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  2. 97 Spider

    97 Spider Formula 3
    Rossa Subscribed

    Dec 15, 2012
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    I saw it up on eBay, what am awesome beautiful car. Good luck with the sale.
  3. boat3

    boat3 Karting

    Nov 29, 2015
    Boston, MA
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    Sure looks like a first rate build. Yellow too! The video is great. Best of luck with the sale and to the next owner.
  4. c7matt

    c7matt Formula Junior

    Mar 3, 2016
    Greater Detroit, MI
    listing a kidney for sale, I'll be in touch when it sells.. amazing.
  5. Ferrari 308 Vetro

    Ferrari 308 Vetro F1 Rookie

    Nov 12, 2012
    Interesting car, good luck with the sale
  6. cf355

    cf355 F1 Rookie

    Feb 28, 2005
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    wow....very cool :) GLWS
  7. BigTex

    BigTex Seven Time F1 World Champ
    Owner Rossa Subscribed

    Dec 6, 2002
    Houston, Texas
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    That's awesome!!

  8. Sandy Eggo

    Sandy Eggo F1 Rookie

    Jun 4, 2009
    Encinitas, CA
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    Very cool. GLWS.
  9. stan996turbo

    stan996turbo Formula Junior
    Silver Subscribed

    Jun 11, 2004
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    Do you know what the car weighs?
  10. Dohangs

    Dohangs F1 Rookie
    Owner Rossa Subscribed

    Oct 31, 2008
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    I saw this for sale a few months ago. Did you buy it at that time or just unlist it ?
  11. PAP 348

    PAP 348 Nine Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Dec 10, 2005
    Mount Isa, Australia
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    Awesome car, best of luck with the sale. :)
  12. ExcelsiorZ

    ExcelsiorZ Formula 3

    Nov 7, 2003
    Beverly Hills
    Amazing engine craftsmanship!
  13. tres55

    tres55 F1 Rookie
    Rossa Subscribed

    Sep 18, 2012
    Amazing build. Worth every penny.
  14. scudif1

    scudif1 Rookie

    Jan 24, 2013
    Merrick, NY
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    Wow! I'm speechless, what a car! Best of luck with the sale!

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  15. djjvr

    djjvr Karting

    Aug 16, 2014
    When I saw Farrah's review on this I thought it was one of the coolest cars out there. Top rate build and I love the detail put in to give the OEM look. GLWS!
  16. white out

    white out Formula 3

    Mar 3, 2010
    Yeah, there's a link to the video in the original post.

    It was unlisted.
  17. Russ Gould

    Russ Gould Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Nov 8, 2004
    is the double scoop air dam standard? every other one I have seen has only one scoop for the a/c
  18. white out

    white out Formula 3

    Mar 3, 2010
    #19 white out, Mar 29, 2016
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    It's not standard. It was added for better cooling.
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  19. vvassallo

    vvassallo F1 Veteran

    Aug 4, 2006
    Palos Verdes
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    Vince V
    One of a kind. Well worth the price. Irreplaceable. Truly an amazing package. GLWS. I'd almost buy it to just to copy everything that makes this such an amazing car. We 348/355 "threaders" know about this car and its stable mate. We all aspire to adopt some of the technology that makes this engine such a beast.
  20. Blackfin

    Blackfin Karting
    Silver Subscribed

    Aug 12, 2014
    Southern California
    Amazing!! I so want that car!!!!

    Interested in any trades - I have a F512M or a 997.1 GT3RS to offer. Both are turbo-less and could use some boost :)
  21. cfensty

    cfensty Formula Junior
    Silver Subscribed

    Jan 1, 2008
    South Carolina
    Did I miss whether or not the car is street legal?
  22. white out

    white out Formula 3

    Mar 3, 2010
    That's not a bad idea. lol
    Thanks for the kind words, the car really outstanding.

    Those are both great cars, but not looking for any trades.

    It is street legal.
  23. white out

    white out Formula 3

    Mar 3, 2010
    Friday bump!
  24. Juan-Manuel Fantango

    Juan-Manuel Fantango F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed

    Jan 18, 2004
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    That is just major, major bad ass. Love the video, well written and delivered. Little phrases stood out, like the yeah *****, I have a 348. And the one about the three honks and flame salute!

    Has to be the baddest 348 ever built, other than the Enzo test mule, and that was something different all together.

    Just asking, does it have air conditioning? Did you save all the old parts?

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