348 door lock electric problem

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by jkuk, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. jkuk

    jkuk Formula Junior

    Nov 3, 2003
    Wirral, UK
    Full Name:
    John K
    Guys, this problem has bugged me since I bought the car.

    Does anyone else have these symptoms:-

    1) Press unlock button on console - door locks opens then close

    2) Open door using remote alarm key - locks open then close

    3) To time getting out of the car, I press unlock on centre console, the pull drivers door lever, door opens but now lock is bouncing up and down with door ajar.

    I can stop this happening - for a time - by going round to passenger door and pulling up on door lock button - this seems to latch something then all locks work fine until some other random entry/exit event.

    There is something definitely intemittently wrong with the passenger door lock electrics. I have stripped it down, greased everything, re-connected everything. Door lock solendoid is working fine.

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  3. ernie

    ernie Two Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Nov 19, 2001
    The Brickyard
    Full Name:
    The Bad Guy
    Try having a look at the connection for the button in the car. Most of the time with these cars when something is acting weird it usually can be traced back to a bad connection. Try this:

    Loosen the two screws that hold the shift gate down, and remove it.

    Then take out the incerts in the ashtray, remove the two screws holding that down, and remove it.

    Now lift up the plastic parts were the buttons are and have a look at the connection on the bottom.
  4. jkuk

    jkuk Formula Junior

    Nov 3, 2003
    Wirral, UK
    Full Name:
    John K
    thanks ernie, I will check it out.

    Funny thing is I can have the drivers door unlocked but the passenger locked.

    I am also going to check the door ajar switch, as this is linked to th elocks via the alarm it may be having some effect.
  5. Markie1949

    Markie1949 Karting

    Apr 4, 2005
    I had almost the same problem, started when the wife slammed the door, can't blame her, door seems heavy and people don't realise how easy it closes. Problem wasn't electrical, it was the lock/solenoid relationship a little out of whack. The unlock signal kept repeating because it thought the door was still locked,[I think] and it was. adjusted the linkage between the lock and the solenoid and all was solved, don't have the slightest idea why. Hope this helps with your problem. It is one area to look into.
  6. 348SStb

    348SStb F1 Rookie
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    This exact issue has happened to me twice.

    It was actually a little embarassing because it happened just the other day when I was taking a babe in the car for the first time (yikes) :D

    I thought I was going to have to climb out the window, but luckily I was able to open the passenger door while the lock was up; and when it began to go up and down psychotically all by itself, I was able to stop it somehow. Very strange, but somehow perfectly symptomatic of owning a 348 :)
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  8. Miltonian

    Miltonian F1 Veteran

    Dec 11, 2002
    Milton, Wash.
    Full Name:
    Jeff B.
    Exact same thing has happened on my 348, but not for quite a while. Fixed itself?
  9. Markie1949

    Markie1949 Karting

    Apr 4, 2005
    As I remember, I had to turn off the battery to get the "psychotic" action to stop, drove home and all was well until I tried to unlock the doors again, then same thing over and over. I had to disassemble the door from the outside to get to the lock and fiddle with the linkage btw the lock and solenoid. got that right and no problems since.
  10. MDshore348

    MDshore348 Formula 3

    Dec 24, 2004
    Full Name:
    i had that happen to me too , the first "bad" thing to my car i ever experiences , and it was around a group of people , i admit it was embarrasing... i got home pulled out my tool box, but i first manually rotated the tumbler with my key .. TADA, fixed. i think the door look gets half way and it doesnt have the balls to take it to unlock or lock mode.
  11. jkuk

    jkuk Formula Junior

    Nov 3, 2003
    Wirral, UK
    Full Name:
    John K

    I am going to leave it and put it down to another interesting quirk of life with a 348.

    If only it would do it permanently, then I could fix it when it was all apart.

    Next minor job is the handbrake light wont go off.

    I know were the switch is but cannot remove the handbrake shroud to get a good at it. I have bent the switch mounting it several different positions without luck so far.

    What is the easy way to disconnect the hood release so I can get h/brake shroud off ?
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  13. Llenroc

    Llenroc F1 Rookie
    Rossa Subscribed Consultant

    Jun 9, 2004
    Full Name:
    348's are notorious for the drives door, when you open and close it, for pulling wires out of the socket that connects to the door post. pull back the rubber boot and take a look to see if any of the wires have pulled loose. I lengthened my wires because I had a pwr window problem. I think the wiring harness is to short from the factory and door pulls on the wires when opened and eventually pulls them out of socket. Just a thought, hope you find the problem. Regards, Vern

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