For Sale 348 LeMans Grill

Discussion in 'Ferrari Parts & Collectibles' started by hercfe, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. hercfe

    hercfe Karting

    Apr 21, 2015
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    I have decided to keep my 348 stock and part with the “Lemans Grill” that I have. I bought the grill from a fellow Fchatter, and then had a lot of work done to it by Automotive International of Charlotte to make it perfect, and ready for plug and play. The holes are correct for the Ferrari emblem, but it does not come with one. I have a lot into this project but will let it go for $1200.00 plus shipping. For your reference, the shipping cost from NC to PA was $162.00. PM me if you’re interested.


    -The lights are OEM Ferrari lights. They've been rewired to work with the 348 wiring harness, plug-and-play. All functions (brake, turn, backup) work as they should in the 348 world.

    - Work done by Automotive International.
    -Built jig to hold lights in the correct position
    -Designed and fabricated new brackets and mounted points
    -Confirmed the design holds the lights at the proper angle once installed
    -Cleaned up and rewired lights as needed
    -Test fit and bench-tested all components

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  3. Nuvolari

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    Sep 3, 2002
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    Rob C.
    Excellent price on a true plug and play solution. The extra labor for a perfect fit is expensive so you are surely selling this at a loss. Good luck
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  4. cnpapa24

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    Jan 19, 2014
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    Curious what this looks like on the car. Do you have photos?
  5. brent Lachelt

    brent Lachelt Formula 3
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    Dec 6, 2003
    Brownsburg, INDIANA
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    Brent R.Lachelt
    I’ve had 2 after market grills installed on my 348tb. The one being sold here is not the LeMans grill produced by fchat member Husker. This grill was produced by a company called GaRedcars from about 2005. See link below.

    It was a fine aftermarket piece, but it just didn’t use the metal mesh. It’s solid on the back . The LeMans Grill by Husker used the mesh in the center. See link below.

    Attached is my car from different times with both grills installed. I’ve had Husker’s LeMans grill installed for about the last 10 years. Both grills worked great. $1200 for this Particular setup is a great deal as I think this was originally sold for $1,995 with the lights. Good Luck with the sale hercfe.

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  6. hercfe

    hercfe Karting

    Apr 21, 2015
    Northeast US
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    Thanks for the comments! I do not have pics of this particular grill mounted, as I only mocked it up, since I would have had to make the necessary cuts to the metal to make it fit. Brent, yes this is not the "Husker" grill, as there is no mesh, I just used the "LeMans" title as it seems to be the best keyword when searching for this type of mod.
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