348 or 328 a better choice??

Discussion in '348/355' started by slkret123, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. slkret123

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    Steve Kretschmer
    Hi all
    Years ago I had a 308 GTSI QV. I'm thinking of getting another 3XX car. I'm somewhat torn between a 328 GTS and a 348TS. Forgetting styling, are there any compelling technical details that says one or the other is a better choice. Also, I notice on Bring a Trailer, that the 328's seem to pull a higher price. That seems counter intuitive. Is there a reason for this? I'd like to stay with 3 pedal analog cars so the pricier F355 does not appeal to me.


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  3. AceMaster

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    Have you driven both? Only you will know the answer to the question of "which one is better". You are buying either model for yourself, not for other people, so buy the one that you like better.
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  4. Ferrarium

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    Well the 348 does have a newer more powerful engine newer design newer interior newer engine management arguably more modern looking. All things considered a 348 is likely the better car. That said you should get the one that appeals to you. Personally I like the mondial T which has the same engine and gearbox as a 348 and a slightly updated interior from the 328.

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  5. pnicholasen

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    Paul Nicholasen
    I could be way off base, but I would guess the 328 values are higher because it still has that beautiful curvy 308/Magnum PI styling, and timing belt service is done with the engine in the car. You also avoid the finicky climate control system.
    Having driven a 308 and a 348, I find the handling, suspension, and power, to be far superior on the 348. The interior is also more roomy and modern. You get ABS on the 348 ( I don't think the 328 has ABS, but I could be wrong on that). If you like the wind in your hair, you can get a real convertible. As for the styling, some like the side strakes, some do not.

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