3500GT Engine 101-D1018

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by 61 3500GT, Dec 30, 2018.

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    I don't suppose anyone knows of the whereabouts of the above engine? I own car but the engine in it currently has an 'internal engine' number which doesn't correspond to 101-1018 (despite the block being stamped 101-1018) and I'd like to get the original engine back if at all possible. (NB my car is the RHD version with a D suffix in the number indicating 'Destra' - there was also a LHD version with the same chassis number). My car was originally UK registered but may have spent a period in Spain or Germany - so the engine, if it still exists, could be anywhere in Europe.
    My car is pictured here - and still has its original body colour. Many thanks. John
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    Internal number is not the same as the frame number.

    Sometime the internal engine number is stamped on the front just near the waterpump.
  3. 61 3500GT

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    Mar 1, 2016
    London, England
    Hi Vlasic - yes I’m aware of that thanks. On re-reading my post I can see I wasn’t very clear. The internal engine number on my block is 871 - which would indicate that the engine number (and chassis number) would be in the region of 1500-1600 as the engine number is usually in the region of 2 x the internal engine number. The internal engine number on the engine that would have originally been installed in my car should be in between 500 and 600 in order to be consistent with an engine number 1018.

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