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    A few years ago I purchased the left and right kick plates (ebay or FChat, can't remember) to replace the scuffed up ones on my 348 SS. When the shop tried to install them there was an issue with fitment. When I looked up the part number 64119200/64119300, they were for the 355. I had my kick plates repainted and I have had these in a box ever since. They are in excellent condition and looks to have never been installed. Not sure what I paid for them, but Ricambi has them for $549 each. I'll price them at both for $550 plus shipping, or best offer. I also have the kick plate rubber for both sides that I will also include. The rubber doesn't look new but might be usable. I took photos before boxing everything back up, but if a more detail is needed I can unbox them. I want to make sure they fit your car and are in the condition you expect.

    If there are any questions, my email is


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