355 Vs 993

Discussion in '348/355' started by madturk, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Yea, I'm not going to take that to the bank. LOL These are cars, not investments. people really need to get a grip and understand that.
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    Tim Dee
  4. MD355

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    What I mean, is that 3-4 years ago the 993 and F355 reached bottom price and ever since they have appreciated about 30%...

    Still, compared to a modern Ferrari 488 / Porsche 992 , these car will have a huge depreciation (at least 30-40%) in the coming years (especially the Porsche that is more mass produced, the 488 might lose a little less in term of %, but with an initial high price, still a lot of money)

    So, would you rather spend abou $130k for a new Porsche 992 which in 3-4 years will be worth $80k , or about $280k for a new 488 which in 3-4 years will be valued at $210k ??

    Or just pay about $60-70k for a good 993 manual or $80-90 for top F355 ?? And guess what, both cars in 3-4 years will be worth exactly the same or even 10-20% more
  5. johnk...

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    Jun 11, 2004
    New England/FL
    This is what I was referring to. I wouldn't count on that for a minute. 3 years ago I could have consigned my (1 owner) 308 QGTB QV for over $100k or take $75k on the spot when I talked to F40. Mike walked around the car and offered me $75 on the spot. Last year I talked to Mike again, out of curiosity, and the offer was $50 on the spot, consign for $70k. It's no different for a 355 or a 993. There is no crystal ball telling us which way prices will go. To believe they will only go up is naïve. Even cars like the GTO have seen their ups and downs.
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    I am not so sure about future prices. I suspect the market has moved on. I suspect the peak is behind us. Time will tell but these can in no way be seen as an investment unless your talking investing in your indulgence or what not. That's fine but dont plan on making money is all, it takes the fun out of ownership I find.

    The 993 will come way down once the market gets bored and moves to the next shiny bobble. Just like muscle cars did.

    I just don't see the market indicating the 355 being that next shiny bobble. Maybe I'm wrong.

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  8. thoroughbred_1002

    Nov 5, 2019
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    Austin E
    A lot people will wonder how the F355 and Porsche 993 even deserve a comparison. It's a great conversation about two models that are each coming into their own as collector cars, with a lot more in common than many will initially realize.

    What model do you think of when you think of Porsche?

    Most people will probably think of a 308 when discussion of Ferrari arises.

    The 355, by the end of its run, had become Ferrari's best seller. It was essentially the last refinement of a platform that started with the 308. It would become the model that defined the end of an era for Ferrari. Some people will even go as far as to say that it was the last "real" Ferrari.

    The 993 is quite similar. Since it was the last air-cooled 911, many do call it the last true 911. The 996 and later variants just won't be held in the same regard with the Porsche purists. Water-cooled engines and Tiptronic transmissions? "Teardrop" headlights and no center rear reflector?

    If you still think there isn't much likeness to what these models represent to their respective marque, just consider all the ways the successor models were similar. A 360 is to Ferrari what a 996 is to Porsche.

    I do think F355 prices are poised to suffer a little over the next few years, but I think this has more to do with the classic car market as a whole rather than anything specific to the 355. On a long enough timeline, 355 values (measured in dollars) will continue a climb.
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    Nice e9 coupe.

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