355-wicked fishtails...

Discussion in '348/355' started by benedict, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Ontogenetik

    Ontogenetik Karting

    Nov 2, 2003

    Ben, don't mind the imbeciles. They are always more numerous.

    Isn't it possible to drive the car a bit before getting on the ramp?
  2. Ontogenetik

    Ontogenetik Karting

    Nov 2, 2003

    Fishtailing is like dessert. Pleasant.

    >If you
    >and we

    Do you often need assistance
  3. Ontogenetik

    Ontogenetik Karting

    Nov 2, 2003
    CM, would you mind elucidating why it is you feel that person is an idiot?
    Prior, you had mentioned, that one should practice the breaking point on a track.

    Fchat, the other track
  4. benedict

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    Nov 6, 2003
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    Mikey (nice name by the way, what are you eight-years old?) I think we may have met in college. You were the guy always c ock-blocking me and my buddies when we tried to pick up girls. The one whispering, "don't leave with him, he's nothing but a player") You and Allan Lambo, Mr. Popularity himself. Seriously though, it's you and your ilk that ruin every good forum on the net by causing a mass exodus of the serious people. Anyway, this is my last post on this deteriorating nonsense thread. There's a re-run of Days Of Our Lives on which is more interesting than you. But check this out, it's right up your alley:
  5. rodsky

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    Mar 24, 2003
    Los Angeles
    Onothegenmoronic is at it again. If you need elucidation on that post then I feel sorry for you. Perhaps CM was recommending practice that did not involve crashing and expensive damage. Do you think that could be it?
  6. Ontogenetik

    Ontogenetik Karting

    Nov 2, 2003

    Thanks. Mostly asking because snow + empty parking lots = fun.
    But, concerned about some soccer mom and/or perhaps a "we" or other finding that sufficiently antisocial to telephone for assistance, hence ...

    A simple traffic ticket would be palatable I suppose, but reckless driving or etc would not be.
  7. Ontogenetik

    Ontogenetik Karting

    Nov 2, 2003
    Perhaps, hence the query.

    As for your interpretation, any fool knows that the line between
    an incredibly great lap and crashing is very fine. That is the objective,
    on all tracks, literal and metaphorical, find the line.

    As Art kindly informed us in another thread, anyone trying to find
    that line must be insane.

    I, of course, beg to differ. Because I like desserts, literal and metaphorical.
  8. rodsky

    rodsky Formula 3

    Mar 24, 2003
    Los Angeles
    OK - that makes it clear. So what YOU are saying by begging to differ, is that the person who IS trying to find the line is actually SANE.

    I would think that you may not like dessert - regardless of the form!
  9. allanlambo

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    LOL! Thats exactly it! Im the guy who was porking your girlfriend, while you were whispering "I love you's"! lol
  10. PSk

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    Nov 20, 2002
    Tauranga, NZ
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    Okay I all think we need to re-read the post by CM. He quite clearly stated that the car was already running wide, and thus entering the corner too fast and thus any faster was going to cause an off. Thus if you are driving the car and cannot equate what is going on in this very simple situation you should not be driving a car, on a race track or the road.

    In the end finding that perfect lap time, is about feeling what the car is doing and finding the cars limit. You do not have to crash to find that limit!. If the car pushes wide and you miss the apex you have to change the way you went into the corner, and if you try going in faster on the same line then you have less intelligence than the road you are driving on.

    Experienced drivers can feel when they are near the limit from the seat of their pants and do NOT need to bend the car to realise that they have found the fastest line through a particular corner.

    So think about that Ontogenetik, the line between an incredibly great lap and crashing is NOT that fine, on a wide race track with run off when driving a Hyundai ... an F1 car maybe, but not a normal car. That Hyundai driver sounds like the sort of person that would crash on a particular corner, fix the car and then crash again on the same corner because they do not have the brain capacity to think about what the car under them was doing ... :(


    I think this has already been answered, and I do appologise for some of the answers, but maybe you should have asked the question a bit better.

    Most of the posters on this site I would assume have atleast reasonable driving ability and posting a question that states why does my car wheelspin when I accelerate on a wet and slippery road ... er, well what did you expect the response to be.

    What you really meant, is why does it wheelspin so easily after it has been washed?, and the answer is all the crap they wash a car with that was not designed to aid tyre grip.

    If though you are finding it difficult to control wheelspin via the accelerator pedal then I really would advise that you take some sort of advanced driving course asap, before you hurt yourself or someone else.

    In the end the most important control in your car is the accelerator, even more important than the steering wheel, IMO.

  11. JSinNOLA

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    Mar 18, 2002
    Denver, CO
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    I still have a lot of trouble taking this seriously. You say that this is the first time you have experienced this?

    Literally the second day I had my license when I was 15 it rained. So on that day I found my first empty parking lot to experiment getting the back end out on a rear wheel drive car.

    There is no way that after driving sportscars for as long as you have driven them that losing traction with[size=+4] wet soapy[/size] tires is a big surprise.

    I am being 100% serious when I say I want to know if you drive sporty cars grandmother style or if you drive them on the aggressive side.

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