360 (2000 model) F1 clutch slippig

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by David512, Aug 16, 2004.

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    This has no doubt been discussed here, so this is probably just a request for a link to a thread. What's up with the clutch on an F1 tranny-equipped car slipping? Someone told me the following: in stop'n'-go traffic, clutch starts slipping. Someone else said very bad things can happen to the transmission, and the slippage cause depends on whether the driver puts the car and neutral before starting to go or leaves in 1 st with clucth in--a software problem in the former case and a clutch issue in the second case?? (I do not know F1 transmission opearion.)

    I do not have many details but assume that I am troubling y'all for just a link to an old thread.

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    Ive searched the same topics before and read through many different threads and what i can gather is that there is an adjustment that can be made regarding the clutch slipping. "PIS" or point of initial slippage is what kept coming up as a topic, I also read you can replace the TCU and clutch? pump with the 04 model units for better F1 shifting and around town driving. I hope this is right.

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