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  1. I’m nearly done a brake job on my 360.
    Bleeding the last valve (drivers outboard screw) but not getting fluid out. The on-board one was a little plugged but I got it flowing by taking out the screw, cleaning it and finally poking into the caliber to free up the plug. But the outside one is dry. Any ideas? Can I shoot some compressed air into it? Any other next steps?

    I should mention, it looks like the fluid hadn’t been changed in a long time. Possibly since the blue stuff was used. So I’ve been running a lot of fresh fluid through the system.

    Using a hand vacuum pump as I couldn’t get the motive device to seal on the master cylinder.
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    John Zornes
    It will seal but you need to buy the separate cap and make sure the rubber seal is on the cap. Bit good work.

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    One other recommendation is to inspect the fluid reservoir. Made by Bosch and the plastic looks curiously like the material used in their fuel pumps. Mine deteriorated badly and the residue and plastic flakes gummed up calipers and ended up destroying the master cylinder seals. New tank is about $100. New master cylinder not so cheap!
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    If you take out the nipple completely, does any fluid come out? If yes, then you need to clean out the nipple. If not, then it could be the link pipe at the bottom of the caliper that is clogged.

    With mine, I gravity bleed the calipers and it all comes out with no added pressure.
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    There is a fluid cross over tube on these calipers. They are known to become plugged, especially if the fluid is older. You may need to remove this piece and clean out any gummed up fluid to restore flow.
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    I had a stubborn to bleed caliper once on my 360. First of all, I also couldn't get a good seal on the Motive bleeder, so I bought a used cap for the brake fluid reservoir. I sent the cap to Motive, and they retrofit the fitting/hose onto it for free!
    It worked great after that.
    So when I was bleeding them with approximately 12psi using the Motive bleeder, one of the calipers had trouble bleeding, it was dripping very, very slowly. I solved it by having my wife also push on the brake pedal while the bleeder screw was open. In other words, I was bleeding it the old fashioned way with a second person, but during this time, I ALSO had the positive pressure from the Motive bleeder. It worked like a charm!
    After that, I bled them for two or three consecutive years instead of every other year like I normally do. After the second year, the fluid flowed perfectly as if I never had a problem.
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  7. Thanks guys.
    Got it sorted out. With the bleeder screw out, I still couldn’t see any fluid in the caliper.
    So I had my kid pump the brakes and hold the pedal (old school bleeding), while I had the vacuum pump on the bleeder screw...I guess you can blow and suck at the same time ;)
    Got about 3/4 cup of fluid out this way, but took awhile getting it going.
    Should be ok now.
    Wheels are back on, pedal is firm ;)
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    Glad you got it fixed!
    Just make sure you flush again next year, then you can confirm that all the old gooey fluid is all out. Then continue with every other year minimum.
    These cars need brake flushes every 2 years!
    You dodged a bullet this time.
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