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360 / F430 Specific Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist

Discussion in '360/430' started by whatheheck, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. CoreyNJ

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    When I had the PPI done on my car, a paint meter was part of it. Heck, if you bring a car into a dealer for trade, they are taking a paint meter to it before they make you an offer. It's really easy to do and the meters are only about $100 if you want to do it yourself. People delude themself that carfax is trusted. Maybe if a car is a salvage, they trust it otherwise you need a paint meter.

    Also, nearly all Ferrari have some paintwork done, it just matters where. Basically, if there is an intact bumper that hasn't been repainted by the time a car is 10 years old, even with PPF, then the car may not have been cared for (with some exceptions for people who actually enjoy their badges of honor). New PPF is much better at self-healing and actual protection than the old stuff which will take one or two rock/stone hits in its life that will make it through the film.
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    Perhaps that is something that is offered from NJ pre-covid or you got one heck of a deal but based on today's $$$ that type of PPI would be considered "over the top" PPI.

    As of recently (November 2022), and based on the 8 locations that I called in the San Fran, CA area, 3 refuse to do PPI because "we don't want to get sued later on", they outright said that, and the other 5 remaining locations want $650+ just for a basic VISUAL inspection.

    If you want to go in semi-deep i.e. some parts are taken off - not including compression - that start is $850 and prices go up from there. That is in line with some locations that I called in the Los Angeles area of CA so safe to say if you are in California and want solid PPIs as outlined in this thread along with a paint meter, and all that don't expect anything less than $1,500 for a legit PPI. The current rate is $300/hr and for going in deep you'll need 5+ hours.

    The paint meter is a smart suggestion. I will buy one and do that myself for future used car purchases as paying PPI's rate of $300/hr to do that wouldn't make sense. Haha

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