360 Sport Exhaust What is the best value and sound ?

Discussion in '360/430' started by LabDoc, Aug 30, 2009.

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    I just purchased a 2003 360 Spyder with stock exhaust The prices for sprot exhaust appear to bel over the place. Max Speed has a new system @1499.00 plus shipping,usedTui on E bay appears in good cond and complete. for 1695.00 plus frt. New tubi 2495.00. Capristo 1-3 variable 6500.00 Anyone with experience on Max Speed?

    I would appreciate any input.


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    I had to replace my exhaust on my 355 and someone recommended Quicksilver. I paid $2000 shipped and the sound is simply delicious!!!!!

    They have been around for decades. No affiliation but check their site. There is an FChat member who is an authorized dealer. Search or PM me for his name.

    Saved me quite a bit of $$$ over any other brand.
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    This has been discussed many, many times before. Use the search button top left of the screen :).

    BTW, I went for a Capristo level 3 on my 360M :).

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