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    Hello, 1 does anyone know how many members of the 365 family were there?
    2 does the 1974 365 GT4 BB and the 1983 512 BB have the same body?
    3 what does the 1968 365 GT 2+2 look like? (pics are welcome)
    4 what's the difference between coupe and berlinetta?
    5 what was the difference between a Daytona and a 365 GTC/4 ?
    6 what was the first Pinin Farina designed Ferrari
    7 the 308 GT4 by Bertone was badged as a Dino or Ferrari?

    any info and pics will be truly appreciated Thanks in advance
  2. judge4re

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    Dr. Dumb Ass
    Martin, all of the questions you've asked can be found by using the search tool. It is your friend.

    I'll be generous today.

    1. 365 P, 365 P2, 365 P2/3, 365 California, 365 GT 2+2, 365 GTC, 365 GTB/4 (Daytona), 365 GTS, 365 GTB/4 (Spider), 365 GTC/4, 365 GTB/4 Competition, 365 GT4 2+2, 365 GT4/BB.

    2. The bodies are the same, but there are different trim details (6 tail lights versus 4, front spoiler is different, etc...)


    4. No real difference, both describe a 2 seater hard top.

    5. Simple answer is $100k. Long answer is different engine (displacement is the same, but everything else is different), the C/4 seats 4.

    This is a Daytona:

    This is a 365 GTC/4:

    6. Cabriolet 212 Inter (0177 EL).

    7. When it was introduced, it was badged as a Dino, slow sales caused Ferrari to badge it as a Ferrari mid way through production.

    Repeat after me, "the seach tool is my friend".
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    Phil Hughes
    spell checker is my friend....what's a seach?
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    Dr. Dumb Ass
    I've got two strikes against me from the beginning. English is not my first language and I'm an engineer. Unfortunately, I think in numbers.
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    Steven L. Biagini
    Correction on number 2:

    The 365 and 512 Boxers have rear bonnet sections with slightly different dimensions. The 512 BB is wider at the rear, the rear bonnet section mates with the cabin section at a slightly different angle (looked at from the side), and it also extends rearward a little farther than that of the 365BB. For that reason, the sections are not interchangeable.
  6. Fan512bbi

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    The 512bb also has a slightly longer wheelbase than the 365, for the first few years the 308GT4 was badged as a dino, a coupe is a coupe a berlinetta is a coupe also no difference.
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