365BB, 512BB and 512BBi Price Trends

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by turbo-joe, Jun 4, 2019.

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    romano schwabel
    on the 9th of december 2009 our member Mr.Chairman opened the well known thread: testarossa price trends.
    I was missing until know a price trends thread about the BB serie. so here it is now.

    to the mods: if already exist such a thread ( have not found yet ) then please delete this here

    just found this:
  2. dwhite

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    Honestly, who cares. Are you worried one way or the other. They are great cars to drive. I should have bought one when I first thought about it in 2005.
  3. Ferrari 308 GTB

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    360/430/458/488/Pista many threads about values/production etc etc

    Boxer ,great old school Ferrari,perhaps because they are rarer not so many questions?

    Still fail to understand why Dino's are a lot higher priced.
  4. boxerman

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    Because Dino’s have design that mimicked the 60s cars and you need near zero comitment or ability to drive a Dino.

    Like art very few people have their own taste of judgement so Dino’s became a thing.

    One day maybe the boxer will hit and people who buy cars based on paper checklists will want boxers , or maybe it will be the tr.

    Don’t forget someone buying of a checklist paid 750k for a 599 stick.
    Front engined v12 Check
    Stick Check
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  5. pshoejberg

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    Peter H
    That is very simple.....Bring a Dino to a public show and see the attraction it gets compared to the Boxer or any other nice "muscle" cars. In general the audience love the shape and the simple design of the Dino and don't care for a second about what kind of "drive-ability" you get for your money.

    I believe the Boxer will raise in value with time when people realize its potential and how few was build, but I doubt it will ever reach Dino level.

    Best regards

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  6. boxerman

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    I guess that says it all, yes the Dino shape has pull, but do you think theee cars were built to putter to shows. They were and are for driving. sadly the world we live in is populated by people who buy cars for presentation and paper spec.

    Btw even though a countach will
    Pull more people than anything at a show, they’re relatively cheap too. Most can’t drive a ct, but in this case having had one I can tell you it’s also a pretty terrible car to drive.

    To me a boxer is all class. You’re getting near 288 performance classic piñin styling that’s not derivative, for a fraction of the price in a truly hand built classic.
    However boxers require a degree of commitment most are not up to. Same with a Daytona, and sadly we see lots of Daytona’s converted to power steering.
    There’s also the issue these cars come alive at 80, most “collectors” would crap in their pants above 80, so a Dino which really does work like a 911 is a good bet.
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  7. DonB

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    Don Bartz
    Agreed '84 BBi pulls like a freight train and is really at home above 80...and the sound...oh the sound. No computers just old school mechanicals that one can actually work on. To a degree :)
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  8. John B

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    May 27, 2003
    Dinos and Boxers... I've owned both.
    In the early '90s I went to look at a Boxer at Joe Nastasi's place in Brooklyn, NY. It was offered at $115k. I determined it had some body damage and sloppy paint work so I passed on it. He also had a beautiful Dino 246 GTS for $60k that I fell for and ended up buying. I owned and drove that for quite a few years. It's certainly a pretty car, but with only 190 hp a good minivan could leave it in the dust.
    Fast forward to 2013 and Dinos were trading at $450. I went again to look at a nice boxer BB512 that had been restored and sorted. I ended up buying that for $115. Ironic. Dinos appreciated sevenfold while Boxers didn't move. Having owned both, to me a Boxer is much more car than a Dino, and the looks of a Boxer are coming around. Personally, I think a Boxer should be two to three times the price of a Dino. It's a "real" Ferrari. It's the first mid-engined Ferrari street car. It has a 380 HP F1 derived 5 liter flat 12 with 12 venturis sticking straight up gulping 250 liters of air per second. The combined exhaust shriek and intake howl at full throttle makes the hair on my the back of my neck stand up.
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    Israel Beiteinu
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    Perhaps the Dino was neglected when it was cheap and rust removal and restoration is not inexpensive. The BB was still new when the market exploded in the 80’s. The BB was usually taken care of.

    The BB is the last of the handbuilds.

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