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    Timothy Russell
    So the simplest facts are;

    - car stolen circa '89, car arrived Belgium months later in early '90, car invoiced ex USA as worth circa $27k (for a 375 Plus then worth in the millions), car seized and soon released by Belgian authorities to Jacques Swaters and Philippe Lancksweert despite a stolen car flag, car restored as #0394AM despite evidence it was the stolen #0384AM, FBI enquiries, attempts to pay six figures USA to settle stolen car claims with moneys paid to someone representing as an agent who actually pocketed the cash and at least one cheque which was either banked or not, Kleve died and the claimed ownership was transferred to Kristie Kleve-Lawson (KKL - daughter), KKL contacted Chris Gardner (CG)who agreed to find the car, he contracted Joe Ford to lead the investigation and recovery, Joe Ford (OJ) bought (90% ?) stake in car with financing to come from CG, contract to recover incl. mediation in London, UK who never paid a cent (according to OJ), CG supported repatriation of car as far as early 2010s, CG created contract with Jacques Swaters (who had bought Lanksweert out) which afforded him payment or a stake in settling the case, JS estate moves forward with potential sale in 2013 with support from CG, KKL and OJ attempt to block sale through unsuccessful court challenges which effectively torpedo's auction value
    - Post auction court action saw CG claim to own 100% of the so called Ohio contingent (CG, OJ and KKL) funds while also claiming his % of the Belgian contingent (with JS), the judge decided that the Ohio and Belgian contingents should get 50% of proceedings each so that left $8 mm per contingent.
    - Post, post auction court action saw CG claim half of the Ohio payout so that was roughly another $4 mm from Fords payout
    - KKLs payments took up to another half so that left just $2 mm
    - claims from other Kleve relatives sucked up much of the rest

    And of course someone had to pay for the London court action and it would appear that despite claiming to own half of half of the proceeds that Ford had to pay 100% of all of the court costs so its unlikely he earnt a cent.
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    Tim, brilliant! 13 years resumed in a paragraph. :)
    Thank you.

    Regards, Alberto
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    #0384: The gift that keeps on giving. :)
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