3x8 steering wheel dimensions for Mondi swap

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by geekstreet, Mar 28, 2005.

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    I'm of the opinion that my Mondial needs a new steering wheel. The current one works fine, albeit looking pretty faded now that I've just Leatherique'd it, but it's just TOO BIG. I'm sure the 3x8's are a lot smaller.

    Why are the Mondi wheels (3.4 't' excepted) so damned large and the rim so skinny??? I'm convinced it detracts a lot from the potential driving pleasure to be had.

    Anyway, will a 3x8 one fit? What's the OD of a 328/308 wheel? What about the rim thickness? Are all the bolt fitments the same. What about horn?

    Anyone done the swap?
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    Russ Turner
    I see by your profile you have a 3.2 which came with a standard Momo 6 screw steering wheel. Any standard 6 screw Momo will fit (I've tried 3 different Momo wheels myself: Monte Carlo, Cavallino and Prototipo).

    The horn buttons are standard and interchangable.

    The reason the stock wheel has a large diameter is to provide some leverage on very slow speed maneuvring for those a bit lower on upper body strength.

    Any 308 Momo wheel will fit. While not exactly like a 328 wheel, the Momo Monte Carlo at 350mm is nearly a dead ringer and quite inexpensive - it looks period and feels great with a much beefier wheel to hoss that buck around with.

    It's easy. Pick one you like and have fun.

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