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    Ken Battle
    Some weeks ago I ordered two lower bushes for my self-leveling shocks and when I got them they have a 12 mm hole but my existing shocks have 14 mm stud in the lower control arm. I planned to have the bushings drilled to 14 mm as there is plenty of "meat" on the center bush. This bushing appears on Table 50, item 54 and part #100809.

    I was working with Algar for some other rear suspension bushings and I mentioned the problem above. He went to his "big book" and found that the above mentioned part # is for the earlier 400's without self-leveling shocks. The correct part number for self-leveling shocks is #100810 and it has 14 mm bolt hole. This part # does not appear on any of the on-line tables that I have seen. But if you do a part # search it will likely come up.

    The other part I was looking for is the large Flambloc bushings on the inside of the rear control arms. Part numbers have been superseded a couple of times and this is common bush on multiple models. This is item 27 on Table 50. Current part # is 154539.

    Algar's pricing of late appears much more competitive than in the past versus the various on-line options and their parts service is second to none. I saved about $90 for the two Flamblocs.

    Just hoping to save someone else a run around.
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    Jean-Michel Savary
    Hello Ken,
    The part # 100810 is at Maranello Classic, this is a part for the 400 carb (table 046) and for the 365 GT4 2+2 (table 041) example:

    The same site has the item 27 on table 50 (for the 400i) as # 101091 (original) and # 134883 (current):

    Still on the same site # 154539 seems to be assigned to more recent models (348, 512TR and Mondial):


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