4200 spyder rear roll-hoop fairings

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by Authentic-Steve, May 8, 2019.

  1. Authentic-Steve

    May 8, 2019
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    stephen mycoe
    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get fairings from for a standard spyder. Similar to the 90th Anniversary spyder fairings as pictured. They don't have to be carbon fiber though.

    If not, will another cars fairings fit, such as Ferrari?

    I just think they look great!

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  2. Foncool

    Foncool Formula Junior

    Oct 27, 2011
    Pretty sure that was an exclusive to the 90th anniversary cars.
  3. Authentic-Steve

    May 8, 2019
    Full Name:
    stephen mycoe
    Thanks for your response Foncool. Yes, I understand it was an exclusive for the 90th special edition, however, I have seen pictures of other 4200 with similar and wondered if someone produces an aftermarket version? Or perhaps Maserati sell replacements for broken 90th editions?

    It seems I might just have to build my own out of Fiber Glass? :eek:

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