430 430 16M value to go up?

Discussion in '360/430' started by CGH, Jun 27, 2019.

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    What are your thoughts on the 16Ms? Should sellers hold out a bit longer or will they only risk values going down?

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  2. kiryu

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    so hard to tell. many people (including popular youtubers) are saying scuds and 16ms are underrated, yet their price doesnt seem to go up and is very heavily mileage sensitive. Once a scud goes over 15k miles it sits for a while unless it's priced close to mid 100s. These are drivers' cars and it's a shame u cant really put miles on them if u care about the value (esp the 16m). I always find the 16m an oddball proposition: take a lightweight track oriented car and add weight and reduce rigidity and charge double, but for folks who are a sucker for sound (like me), I get it. My prediction is leaning towards declining values just coz the world econ should be about to take a breather
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    cant see them going to the low 100s and cant see them going to the high 200s.

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    I think for the forseeable future the 16M and the SCUD will be pretty much flat .the things most affecting sales prices will be color , history and mileage ...with ultra low mileage under 500 miles worth the most by far..
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    I've been actively watching the Scud and 16M market for about 6 months.
    Pretty much leveled out but they are declining gradually.

    Who knows what will happen when the Pista drop top comes out.
    Logic sez it will push down the 458 Apreta which will then push down the 16M.

    IMO the 16M is still a good deal at less than half of an Aperta.
  6. freshmeat

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    430 Scuderia/16M market has been pretty much "flat" for the last 10 years; there were what I would classify as small dips but the pristine, non-storied red or white examples w 5-10k miles have consistently sold (not advertised) for $190-210k.

    Unlike what an earlier poster claims, I don't see a gradual decline; I just see a bunch more storied examples and/or high-mileage 08s being listed than clean, low-mileage red 09s. Speculators/prospective buyers/tire kickers tend to try to bunch up the whole's a mixed bag people.

    Just a month ago, a super clean red 09 w 11k miles sold for 199k at my local dealership.

    Full disclosure: I bought mine for $209k, and 10 years on looking back, it has been worth every penny. I feel sorry for folks who to this day are still sitting on the sidelines waiting, waiting and waiting for nothing...they just missed out on a decade of smiles.
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  7. stan996turbo

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    I think the 16m is very cool and the limited numbers help maintain the value. Considering that its stated mission is a track special it would seem to be an inferior car to the Scuderia because of the extra weight and less rigidity from the coupe. I think the values will move back to where they were they were 4 years ago when they were plentiful at $230-240k and stay there for a long time + or - $20K. There is too much competition at the $300k mark and I don’t think the customer base for a car as raw as the 16M is that large, and the people that typically appreciate a car like that are generally cautious about jumping in at the high end of the market. The standard 430spider is also a magnificent car for a fraction of the cost of a 16m. I decided to add a McLaren 675LTS (same only 500 produced) for less money than a 16M for the track focused convertible and it complements the my 430 spider perfectly.
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  8. galt

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    Jun 19, 2005
    “Inferior” is pretty subjective. Inferior if one assumes that lap time is why people buy these cars. Not sure many of these track specials actually see much track time at all. But for those that believe lap time is the goal, then yes, get the coupe. Or even better yet, buy a different car that is much faster. Why not get an MP4 12C and smoke them all? Toy example I know..

    However if you are choosing one of these cars because you want a visceral experience, well there is an awfully good argument for getting the top down version. Blasting up the canyon in a 16M with the top down is a pretty unique experience I would argue.

    Also, obviously numbers matter and given the Ferrari collecting customer base globally, 500 is a pretty low number. Obviously rarity will always command a premium. Not to mention maintainability (cost and access to local service)—that is another factor as it influences the carry cost and for such a collectible Ferrari the maintenance is quite low for a 16M.

    Obviously, at the end of the day, true cost is not what you pay. It is: what you sell for - the maintenance costs - what you paid. Someone looking at that equation may view “Inferior vs Superior” very differently as well.

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  9. jason1st

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    If they’re all special editions, none are special editions. There is a glut of special edition cars on the market.
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