456 Pop-up Headlight interference with hood - paint damage!!

Discussion in '456/550/575' started by Willie_Paul, Feb 10, 2019 at 10:55 AM.

  1. Willie_Paul

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    The upper corners of both of my headlight (sheet tin) surface area are rubbing the hood (cut-out area for the lights) when lights are in the "up" position?

    From what I can tell with marring (lack-of) the hood hinges appear to never have been removed or altered. Although I do have receipts from the PO that FoScottsdale did an engine out to replace the engine mounts about a year ago.

    I did try adjusting the "up-down" sliding adjusters on the light housings, but they did not do anything to offer a better fit of the lights when in the "up" position.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone found a way to make the proper adjustment?

    I want to have a go at adjusting the hood hinges (as opposed to the light housing mounts) but adjusting a hood is easier said than done. FWIW - I also have the issue where the wiper arm hits the upper/back hood edge, but heard that is common and switching to newer model (458?) wiper arms can rectify that.

    really appreciate any remarks/help on the light housing paint is chipped in both corners of each side (one chip per light...two total chips for whole car).

    thanks, wp
  2. Rifledriver

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    Brian Crall
    Motor was out to replace mounts? Why? Who would do that?

    Analyze the problem and adjust the part that does not fit. do not adjust the car to align with an ill fitting part.
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  3. scowman

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    Stu Boogie
    Mine have similar nicks. Also where the hood has come in contact with the doors I think cause by opening the hood with the doors open.

    You gotta ask yourself is your car museum art or or play thing? Look at real old Ferraris. Do you fuss over the dings and cracked paint?

    Just hop in and drive it. You will :)
  4. rubenpadron

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    +1 on the weirdness of an engine out for motor mounts. Wow.

    Regarding the light interference, I have receipts from back in 1995 when my 456 apparently had this issue when new and the dealer corrected the problem - I’m sorry I cant help with a solution (records just state that it was corrected), but Rifledriver provided some very good advice a few posts above!

  5. Willie_Paul

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    My fault for throwing anyone off the scent of ACTUALLY HELPING me on the light issue...I made the personal presumption engine had to come out in order to do the engine mounts. At no point was that stated in the actual invoices I rec'd from the PO -- sorry about that! I would have to wonder if they'd at least have to remove the hood (perhaps not) in order to do the engine mounts...maybe this is a job done with a hydraulic lift from underneath the car (to take the load off the engine mounts and replace them).

    Irrespective of that...really looking for further insight on adjusting either the light buckets or the hood to not have these nicks.

    I bought this car as a minor investment to drive a couple thousand miles a year and see if values climb over the next yes, paint quality is of concern to me. It only has 19k miles on it. Thanks.
  6. killer58

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    I had to realign mine when I bought my GTA. Took about an hour of trial and error to adjust each one, but they’ve held alignment ever since. The headlight units are fairly easy to adjust, there’s just a few bolts holding the whole unit. Surprisingly however, the amount of adjustment available is incredibly small. You may find it necessary to enlarge the mounting holes a bit so the units can move enough. I would not try and adjust the bonnet.
  7. franschman

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    Bart Boosman
    I would presume that in order to take the engine out they removed the hood, and that prior to that clearance between hood and head lights was fine. So perhaps you should look at adjusting the hood. It can be adjusted in all directions.

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