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Discussion in '456/550/575' started by Davidindallas, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Trying to change my own oil for the first time. I know I need to drain from the block and the sump and to remove at least the rear undertray to access the block's drain plug. Does anyone know if I need to remove the forward undertray to access the sump and whether there are bolts other than the 4 center bolts that hold the rear undertray in place. I've removed them and can't seem to find the others (flashlight falling at that point and breaking didn't help. It looks like there may be two other bolts at the ends of the tray but they are connected to the anti sway bar. Thanks.
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    There is not an undertray near the block's drain, you should be able to access the drain plug no problem. The front undertray that is immediately behind/under the front bumper does cover the drain for the oil tank, but it has an access port with a rubber plug. The plug is item 29 in the pic below:
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