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Discussion in 'Ferraris' started by Andrew D., Oct 15, 2018.

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    Andrew D.
    Selling my manual 456 and the 993 manual in the other add. At 76 giving up sports cars. I had the 456 since joining fchat and thanks to all members here for having me make it near perfect. Can is 6 speed,Swatters blue'tan interiuor, Paint is all original with no chips except a 4mm ding near the passenger door handle. Hood was changed for a new one by the previous owner-must have had something run on it,the paint job is pefect and it has a clear mask. It has Hammon wheels and resonator delete pipes and Tubi exhaust. New clutch 3 years ago when my son(**) put it in reverse and dropped the c-clip off reverse needing reverse shanged and tranny out(I didn't do the job,and independent Ferrari dealer did. Door mechanis was fixed properly by the Florida outfit that found the cause of this ever 456 problem. Now its water tight.Car runs perfectly. 27000 miles. $ 100,000 US or VERY near offer. Andy 19056420868, Hate to sell.
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    Mar 12, 2017
    year? where is the car located?
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    Sounds very nice...GLWS!!
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    Thaya Thava
    share pictures pls, seems we are in the same city (tdot)

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