458 Radio Screen Not Turning On When Selected - All Other Screens Normal

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by LloydDenver, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. LloydDenver

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    Got a new battery from Ferrari, now the radio won't turn on. No other weird battery issues as happens when there's a battery issue as everything else works just fine.

    I hit the radio button to turn it on, but it never even makes it to the display. I can't select a station, can't hear anything, nothing. Other than that, the screen works good, all the menus work normally, I just can't get the radio. The volume control doesn't do anything, hitting media/radio does nothing. It just stays on the main screen and never gets to the radio.

    The car is always on the Ferrari battery tender and I have no other issues other than the radio won't come up or turn on.

    Any ideas? Is there some kind of reset that can be done? Fuse maybe?
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    There is a procedure/steps you need to follow when changing battery or shutting down the electrical system on 458s. I am assuming they didn’t do it correctly. Look in your owners manual, pg 222 it describes what to do. There are severals ecus that need to sync together for everything to work properly. I haven’t heard of your particular problem happening because of battery change/electrical system shutdown but it wouldn’t surprise me, hope that helps.

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