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    Ian, I don't know if you are a troll or not, but the images you posted were taken at the official Moscow Ferrari dealer at Barvikha Luxury Village. They have no car of that description for sale and a 458 in Russia, with all the import taxes, even at today's exchange rate, is about five times the price you quote and I don't see a Ferrari dealership presenting a random person with a 80% discount for fun. There are a lot of photos of Ferraris on the Internet and your friend has probably paid $8k for one, if he exists. Save him more embarrassment. His deal is as real as the chance of Putin dancing the can-can in a tutu at the next Rio carnival.
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    Ian Hunter
    I know the car is not at the dealership. I checked. I actually tried to delete this thread. As I said in a previous post, I received a lot of information on here that i can pass on to my friend to help him realize that he is being scammed by this "friend." He is still hopeful that this is going to work out and I've done all I can, including being called a "troll" which is a first. Thank you to those that have tried to help.
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    If I was your friend, I would contact the police to see if they could help if the deal doesn’t work out.

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    Robert O'Malley
    Some how I think Ian is actually the friend and I hate to say this as well but this is the scam of the century. Tell your friend ( or if it’s you ) to cut your losses and due due diligence when looking to make an important business transaction.
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    Jul 8, 2010
    On top of the scam, you also need EPA and DOT releases. In the 1980s, the grey market for German "German cars" went wild but getting the releases today are virtually impossible for a non-USA car.
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    Yeah but in defense of his buddy , the pictures really are nice.
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    Robert O'Malley
    Man that analogy made me laugh. It’s like looking at a Hollywood movie set of a great house and when your open the door it’s a vacant lot is what you get.
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    St Mark
    Classic behavior of a Mark. He's not trying to convince you it's real, he's trying to convince himself......

    ...... and yeah, this looks and feels like classic FC trolling.
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    Peter Dunev
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    Robert O'Malley
    Poor Ian sorry for all the ribbing. Boys will be boys.
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    Mar 26, 2011
    As the car is in Russia, perhaps there is ground here to remember your friend of this very old russian saying:

    бесплатный сыр бывает только в мышеловке

    (You will find cheese for free only inside a mouse trap). Russians folks themselves have issued the warning...

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    Paul Chua
    Amazing quote. To the OP, sorry for your (I mean friend’s loss). It happens. Move on and take this as tuition to the University of Life.
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