For Sale 458 Spider tonneau cover full OE replacement Carbon fiber 1x1 plain weave.

Discussion in 'Ferrari Parts & Collectibles' started by Codie, Feb 20, 2020.

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    Hey spiders if your looking to add carbon parts to your car and tried to search for the tonneau cover that covers the motor I have you covered!

    I have been building my 458 spider for over 9 months. I couldn’t find a carbon fiber roof replacement. I didn’t want to put a carbon overlay on the roof so I reached out to a few guys that work with some Ferrari race teams. I was lucky to find a shop that is making custom carbon parts for F1 teams and they have agreed to make a carbon mold for me and I will own the mold. This cost more than 25k usd.

    I’m making a mold for convertible roof and tonneau cover.

    Convertible roof won’t be fore sale until after my car is done and I still will only sale limited amount so we don’t saturate the market. Haha

    FULL CARBON plains weave or 2x2 twill.

    Made to order but will have 5 ready to ship but first come first serve.

    I can’t post or send pictures ,

    ******I’m wanting to test the market and see if people would be interested here on FChat. *****

    This parts hasn’t been done in full carbon by anyone.

    I will have finished tonneau covers by end of April.

    Please let me know if you would want one.

    Price will be 5-7K plus shipping or local pick up.

    I don’t have pictures yet!

    Need an idea of how many people would be interested.

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