458 vs 458 speciale power difference ?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by ozan458, Jan 6, 2019.

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    hi there Iv tryed to look online but no luck im trying to find out how they got there extra horse's on the speciale compared to the normal 458 italia engine. I know its not easy to get extra power out of a naturally aspirated engine when there both the same engine cc. 562bhp vs 597 bhp that amazing 35bhp difference.

    what mods did they use to get that extra 35bhp I know a engine tune is 1 of them but there gota be more to it ?????.

    No way they got 35bhp from just a engine tune. thanks oz
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    Aug 30, 2011
    • Compression is raised to 14:1
    • New, lighter pistons
    • Revised combustion chamber
    • Shorter runners in the intake manifold
    • New intake ports
    • New camshafts

    But the biggest leap in "performance" at least in lap times is from the cup tires on the speciale; slap a set on a base 458 and it's close.
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    wow that is alot of difference compared to stock 458 engine thanks
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    Mark Thompson
    Hi there

    There is also a modified bottom end to the crank (lighter) and oil scavenge pumps (ie. the Speciale runs at a higher oil pressure) to reduce friction from the 'oil' in the dry sump. In addition they introduced lower friction pison rings. Ferrari spent an awful lot of effort to not only increase power but reduce friction. The engine is a work of engineering art (and I believe, still the most powerful / per litre NA engine ever produced on a road car). The power increase is only say 40 bhp, but it feels a very urgent free reving engine.

    Its not just the engine either, the whole front bodywork is, different longer and wider the front end is 2" longer, and a 1" wider front track, with Michelan cup tyres Speciale. The aero work slightly different and the car is stripped of luxuries to reduce weight, and they took almost 100kg off the standard car. The sum of all of these things produces an Italia (perhaps the best all round usable/daily Ferrari ever made....just my opnion) turned up 20% everywhere. There is NO understeer in a Speciale, everything is more immediate, turn in, throttle, gearchange, etc. The apex speed of these cars is quite stunning....

    For me if you were looking to spend money on an Italia to look for performance, then a couople of basic mods could easily start to bring it closer to a Speciale. Un-sprung weight is an absolute killer to a cars performance and even bigger on a bike (ask anyone that races either). Reducing the unsprung mass at the wheel is somethinmg Ferrari did on the Speciale, and I think this plays a big part in the feel. saving x1kg of unsprung weight is like saving x7kg of mass on the car. The Specaile with its forged wheels and titanium bolts saveds around 3.2kg per wheel against a stadard setup. doesnt sound a great deal but x4 wheels, x7, and it feels like x90kg (sprung mass). This translates on a track. The carbon lighweight seats save another (sprung mass) 40kg. I also have an F12 and the saving is even bigger, the Ferrrai standard wheels tend to be quite heavy.....the Forged wheel and Titanium bolt set up her saves almost 5kg per wheel.....

    Spend the money on forged alloys, titanium wheel bolts (they look much better than the standard chrome), Michrelan Cup tyres, and the race Carbon seats, and you will be closer the Speciale.

    most of all just enjoy the is fabulous in all guises.

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