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  1. Farbod Farmand

    Nov 20, 2020
    southern California
    During tack days, I regularly get a bunch of alarms; traction control, ABS, oil pressure, P fuel... changed the oil pressure sensor wire was melted, changes with improvement but still get alarms. Currently, my shop is troubleshooting... new battery was installed, the old one was bad; car starts up and runs better. other wires are good....
    last track day, it ran well but still giving codes. got a scanner that shows "left and right engine bosch ME9 slave", "function monitor engine speed sensor wire or ECU error", and "crankshaft position sensor A and B circuit high" - anyone experienced with this that can chime in?

    Also, is there a specific warmup/cool-down process for challenge cars?

    Lastly, the car bucks sometimes in the upper limit of the gears, pretty nonspecific... is this an issue?


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