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Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by klinkman, Jul 7, 2018.

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    Eric C
    What are the top items (perhaps inadvertently overlooked but in hindsight) you wished you made the dealer address before you accepted your new 488?
  2. SoCal to az

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Does it have a gas pedal? If so, accept delivery. Brakes are optional.
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  3. boobernackle

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    Absolutely epic!!!!

    I would add to walk around it and not go over things with a fine toothed comb. These are hand built, so deviating panel gaps and orange peel are part of the process. Used car is a whole different level, but it seems your post is about new cars.

    Also check under the front spoiler as the delivery company may scratch them when loading/unloading on their trucks.
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  4. TheDiffuser

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    The Diffuser
    Oh boy is this ever true ^^^^ Exactly what happened when I had my car delivered - the front spoiler had paint rubbed off by hold down straps I was annoyed as it was a 'prestige' covered car delivery.

    When I had the car detailed by a highly reputable business, they commented on the paint orange peel. If I hadn't of been told about it prior, I would've kicked up a bit! (He rectified it by detailing the paint).

    I'm also interested in other things to check on delivery eg bolster scrapes from handlers/delivery staff etc

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    With all my standard family cars I have always asked to see them before the dealer registers the car. Easy for those cars but not for the 488 new. Its yours , its registered so you stuck with any problems.

    I would definitely look under the car. See that the spoilers and the like are not scratched. This weekend I was at the dealer and handed over my number plates and holder, carpets and wheel center caps to be put on when my car arrives.

    Not ever seeing the Cabonio number plate holder he asked me to put in on one of the demo cars. When I did boy oh boy did I get shocked ! This car a couple of 100 kms. Front lift also . Looked at under the front and a cheese grater is smoother !!!!!
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  6. Solid State

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    Ndugu Umbo
    Just curious. Since the scratches are already there and under the car, would you rather have the stigma of a paint repair or the underbody marks? If you go with the re-paint and then scratch it yourself under there, do you keep re-painting? If not, then it just matters who did the scratching which is a valid point.
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    I'm sorry but you are paying for a very expensive car that you have waited a great deal of time to get. This was hand built by Ferrari & that is what I'd expect and what I got on the new ones purchased. The used ones are another subject. Mal aligned panels on a 488 are totally fixable by the nature of the beast. Recently was at a Ferrari paint shop and watched some front and rear fit and finish work realigned. Paint is another matter, do it before taking possession or let it bother you during ownership. Can't tell you the number I've seen undergoing paint corrections for everything under the sun.
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    Perhaps if owner's refused to accept a mediocre product they would make some changes in their protocol and do things differently.
    Just because the engine and mechanics on the car is great is no excuse for the rest to be subpar.
    It amazes me how so many successful folks are willing to overlook deficiencies in a $300k+ product when I am sure they would complain if their new suit didn't look and fit exactly right.
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  9. Rossocorsa1

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    May 14, 2017
    Go over every inch of the car. Have them put it up on a lift and make sure there are no scuffs and scratches on the underside and/or spoilers. This isn’t uncommon as they moved cars on and off the ship and trucks.
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  10. Melvok

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    And make sure the dealer provides you a document with all defiances as proof !
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    MANDALAY Formula 3
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    Respray is never as good as a factory applied coat. Unfortunately will never be 100% . And I know first hand.

    Once bought a BMW . Next day decided to wash and wax and started with the bonnet and my white rag was going red. The paint was coming off, it had obviously just been resprayed. Needless to say went back to the dealer and they refused to swap for another car. What ended up as a 2 week fight with head office as i didn't want it resprayed new car they agreed to take the bonnet of another car and put it on mine.

    This obviously cant / wont happen with a Ferrari. But my dealer stated 7 months ago that all the dealers in Australia reported back to Ferrari about continual paint issues , halo's scratches ,overspray's etc. and as such there has been a great improvement.

    Even though i am still on edge until I get my car.

    I will definitely be going over the car 100%
  12. Condor Man

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    You need to make sure it will fit inside the glass box.... and whatever you do, don't drive it to the glass box..... have it delivered there so that you don't put any miles on it or scuff the new tread.

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  13. LVP488

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    Jan 21, 2017
    With Ferrari I'd think respray will never be as terrible as the factory applied coat :D

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