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Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by SoftwareDrone, Jun 22, 2022.

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    Many of you may already be familiar with my amp/shelf/harness setup where you can completely bypass the stock amplifier (or no amplifier) in favor of a high-powered aftermarket amp with a built-in digital signal processor.
    However, if your 488 or F8 (and others) has the JBL hi-fi option with the 16-channel amplifier, completely replacing the stock amp may actually be counterproductive. If you are a hard-core audiophile who doesn't mind tearing out the entire audio system and is not opposed to installing a huge aftermarket 16 channel replacement amplifier as well as a digital signal processor in the front trunk (because that's the only location gear of this size is going to fit), then bypassing the stock 16-channel amp is the logical choice. However, you really don't have to do all that in order to achieve great sound in your car. All you need to do is to rectify the shortcomings of the hi-fi system, which are:
    1. No subwoofer.
    2. Not enough power to run a subwoofer if you had one.
    3. Stock speakers are average at best.

    The stock JBL "Professional" 16 channel amplifier is actually a high-quality piece of equipment, as long as you don't ask it to power a large sub. Removing the amp and replacing it with a high power (but fewer channels) amp solves problem #2 but at the expense of the ability to use all of the remaining speakers in the car.

    What these systems need is better speakers (powered by the same stock high quality amp), a subwoofer (obviously) and an extra amplifier to power the subwoofer. This gives you the best of all worlds. Better sound quality, better imaging and a decent bottom end.

    The most straightforward way to hook up such a system would be to intercept the signals coming out of the stock amplifier and run them through an additional amp. However, these signals are not optimized for a subwoofer as these signals are being sent to small midrange speakers in the rear of the cabin. There are pieces of car audio signal processing equipment that can solve this problem, but most units have several channels, a large footprint and are high priced. I have found a very small, two channel signal conditioner that is perfect for this application. I also have a very small, 200-Watt stereo amplifier with a built in 80 cycle crossover, perfect for an 8 inch subwoofer. I have literally sold over 300 of these small amplifiers for Ferrari 360 and 430 applications. With my new system, these units will interface with the stock amp with one harness that takes care of the musical signals, amplifier power, ground and turn on signal. Totally 100% plug and play. And this gear will mount on the same amplifier shelf that has previously housed the multi channel DSP amp.

    Installing this system couldn't be easier. Once you gain access to the stock amp, you unplug three of the five connectors to the amp, plug these into my harness, plug my three plugs back into the amp, then plug the connectors at the other end into the new small amp and small signal conditioner. No running wires to the battery, chassis, fuse box, etc. Just bolt my subwoofer to the firewall and run a speaker wire to the sub.

    With high end speakers in the doors, the remaining speakers as is, and an 8 inch subwoofer behind you powered by 200 watts of high end power, you will have a phenomenal sounding system. And, I might add, without breaking the bank.

    Attached is a picture of my conventional amp/shelf (which I have already sold dozens of) and the new "add an amp" system for the 16 channel hi-fi cars.

    Watch this thread for updates.

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