488 GTB Windshield has cosmetic damage - small pits - what to do?

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by jennifer488, Sep 24, 2018.

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    Aug 8, 2017
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    So I just got my windshield replaced 2 weeks ago from a star crack and the windshield was brand new. Then, I drove my car to San Diego and I got some small pit chips in the windshield. I took it to a few places who told me there was nothing they can do to fix it, and that it's purely cosmetic and it would be fine. Obviously it bothers me -- there must be something I can do. What if I put resin in the pits and let it dry and scrap off the excess with a blade. Wouldn't this work? Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Here the glass eventually is sand blasted by all the (*&^(*& in the road, and hopefully takes a crack for replacement (which I hate!!, always a chance of a leak or damage to interior). It definitely shows up at night, to your point.

    I suspect what they are telling you without more explanation is that it is not the glass but the COATING that has taken the dimple.
    Maybe a deeper discussion with someone at the glass shop, would lead to product that as you say, could fill the coating??
    A franchise store like Binswanger

    Congrats on your 488.
    Every time they do a glass in one of my "normal" cars they shatter the dash, or some other mishap....
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    A bit late for this suggestion, but I had a protective film installed on my windshield. You might consider doing likewise once the current issue has been resolved.
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    Steve F

    Filling with resin will still show up as imperfections when sitting inside the car and looking out. If the current condition bothers you, the resin will not make it better IMO

    As much as I hate to say it, replace it again, and as the poster above suggested, have protective film applied at the same time.

    Easier to replace when needed than an entire windshield!

    Best of luck!

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  5. jennifer488

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    Aug 8, 2017
    Los Angeles, CA
    Yes, I have had an appointment scheduled for 2 weeks to get film over my windshield, but of course this happened just before my appointment :(
  6. Viperjoe

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    Windshield protective film is VERY difficult to install on a 488 due to its its size and curvature. As such, anticipate minor imperfections in finished product.
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    May 21, 2014
    Buy dark sunglasses,
    Drive the car.
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    I vote on the side to use/drive the car, realizing small imperfections of various parts are going to develop. Then at various points in time (annually, every couple years, etc.) have the imperfections professionally repaired (here in MN glass replacement is deductible/cost free, as long as the "break" is disrupting the driver's view, which it always seems to do :)). I am also cautious on having glass replaced only by the best on high end cars, more than once the repair turned into more than just glass (these autos are not Ford and Chevy driveway replacements).
    That being said when I first started owning nice machines I garage queened them, then I got over the normal wear and tear fear and truly enjoyed ownership.
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