5 crappy moves that everyone loves-LOL

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by maranelloman, Jun 16, 2004.

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    Maddox is so funny.
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    Maddox is the king of the internet. His site is by far one of the best out there. He should slap some ads up; he'd make a fortune.
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    """If I had a chance to remake "The Last Samurai," it would star that chick who played Miranda on "Sex and the City," and the setting would change from ancient Japan to biblical Japan when it was submerged under water. The movie would mostly consist of her drowning. Oh man that would rule so hard. I love myself.""""

    Oh my god !!!!!
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    haha, just found this. I selected the two best examples.

    "Phrases that make my blood boil"
    © 2003 by Maddox

    Ever hear someone quote some hackneyed proverb or some stupid expression they read on a greeting card somewhere, which causes you to think: "man, what a stupid b*tch, I would love nothing more than to bludgeon her head against the wall"? Sure, we all have. These are a collection of some of the phrases that piss me off most.

    "May or may not be:"

    Ever hear someone say "that may or may not be the case," as if there's some hidden third possibility that we weren't aware of? Thanks for pointing out the only two possibilities in the universe sh*t-cock. These are the worst kind of people to talk to because they try so hard to be open-minded that it sounds like the debate in a political science class where no opinion is too stupid for the professor to consider and the same fat kid keeps raising his hand to tell you his dumb ideas about free market capitalism as you fantasize about repeatedly stomping his face into a jar. I hate talking to open-minded people. They're the same kind of people who emphasize every other word when they type as if you can somehow hear their obnoxious cadence in your head, for example: "we didn't go to the store, but we DID buy a cake." Cool it Shatner, we don't read in the same voice you speak.

    "I'm a child at heart:"

    Yeah, you're a child at heart, just as soon as children start going to work every day to rot in a cubicle for a meager pay check so they can drink their troubles away in a sh*tty bar for the rest of their lives. Unless you're an astronaut, secret agent, vampire hunter, or all three, you're probably a sellout; screw you. Nobody wanted to be a regional director of sales or an investment banker when they were kids. On top of that, nobody thinks you're cute or funny by stating you're a "child at heart" on your stupid online profile that you created because you're a boring middle-aged loser with sagging tits and yellow nails who survives off greasy TV dinners every night as you contemplate the exact moment your life became such a miserable sh*t hole. But hey, don't take my word for it. After all, passing by "Cartoon Network" as you're flipping through channels technically makes you a "child at heart." Either that or the world's oldest virgin.
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    Not a day goes by before i say one line from one of those movies. usually top gun, where i go on saying "You guys are dangerous" or start singing take my breath away with thoughts of Tom Cruise's chest running through my head............i really hope i didnt just say that
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    This is great stuff, especially the illustrations!
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    Mercenaries devise a scheme to smuggle an impressive amount of cocaine for ransom under the watchful eye of Afghani rebels. The plot twists when the Mercenaries threaten to unravel the keystone of civilization with wild orgies, unless a rookie CIA agent eager to prove his worth can overcome his brooding self-doubt and stop the Mercenaries once and for all. The movie ends with a mildly comical and/or ironic scene in which the Mercenaries blow up or go to prison. Another satisfying tale of political intrigue and personal redemption closes, and we all walk away from this movie a little wiser.

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