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    Background: I've successfully re-engineered the 355/360 cat slowdown light ECU and have had a number of requests for 512TR and 512M cars where the part is NLA (image below). I can easily re-create this box, however don't have access to a car for testing.

    Has anyone traced the signal wires and function on this ECU (the digitek one pictured) or got copies of the car wiring diagram? With this info I can build a new unit. Alternatively anyone with a spare box they can loan I can measure its behaviour. Payment will be a set of brand new ECU's.

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    Thanks for the offer - turn around for the original ECU itself involves shipping to and from New Zealand which may or may not be a risk you wish to take. You would get the unit back very quickly as I only need a day to test function. To make the new units and test them for reliability a further 6-8 weeks.

    A wiring diagram for a 512 TR / M would immensely improve the development time, If anyone has a hi res version please post below :)

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