575 Cooling Fans Question

Discussion in '456/550/575' started by paulsantoni, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. paulsantoni

    paulsantoni Rookie

    Jan 30, 2007
    Glasgow; Scotland UK
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    paul santoni
    When I start my 575 I notice that despite the engine temp taking a normal time to increase to normal that the cooling fans cut in quite often as if the car was running warm. Is this normal? According to the seller of the car to me he said this was always the case when he had it.
    When the fans are on the air coming out is warm.
    Could this be a thermostat or fan switch fault?
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    AVIMAX Formula Junior

    Aug 5, 2014
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    I think that is because the air conditioning is switched on. If you start the car with the climate control switched off (STOP button), the fans should not come on until the coolant is somewhere around 190F.
  4. Qavion

    Qavion F1 Veteran
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    Feb 20, 2015
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    Ian Riddell
    It may be similar to the 550...

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    I'm not sure under what circumstances, the pressure would exceed 15 bar. Is this normal gas pressure.. or does it only happen when the system is working hard?
  5. vandevanterSH

    vandevanterSH Formula Junior

    Jan 27, 2005
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    Stephen Van Devanter
    My 2002 575 exhibits the same behavior. Never thought much about it but will try AC off to see what happens.
  6. tazandjan

    tazandjan Three Time F1 World Champ
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    Jul 19, 2008
    Clarksville, Tennessee
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    Terry H Phillips
    On a 575M, the compressor is always on unless the temperature at start is below 59F. Mine comes on and goes off before she is fully warmed. Has done that for 13 years.
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  8. paulsantoni

    paulsantoni Rookie

    Jan 30, 2007
    Glasgow; Scotland UK
    Full Name:
    paul santoni
    Thanks guys I will try that too.
  9. F456M

    F456M F1 Rookie
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    Jan 8, 2010
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    This is correct. The Italians have translated frizione (refrigerant gas) to coolant. Coolant is what is in the engine’s cooling system. So what the manual try to teach you is that the refrigerant pressure operate the cooling fans. It is actually a separate ECU for controlling the cooling fan relays. It takes info from several parameters and not just the coolant temperature. The pressure of the AC system is one of these parameters. It is completely normal.

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