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Discussion in '456/550/575' started by white out, May 1, 2020.

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    While searching to see if anyone ran a 305/35 front tire, I found a member who ran rears on the front and was very happy. So they will clear with factory 295. But I think I'm going to get silly and just run 305/35 to see if they work because I like a meaty tire. Going to be a bit of a downsize from the Viper's 315 front tires (335 rear).

    I don't want to run too wide of a rear on the 575 because I would rather have some wheelspin than shock to the driveline/clutch. But I'm going to be running an 11" rear wheel, so that should give me a decent amount of options.

    The suspension is far too stiff for most people in its standard spec (would be great for a track car) and the rear upper perches are very difficult to access for adjusting the dampeners. So I'm working with Fortune to create some variations of the coilover with some options as standard in the kit to make it easy for anyone to install on their car. If you want any details, feel free to message me.

    I mocked up my Viper's 13" wide wheel with 335/30 tire and there was a TON of clearance. I was amazed the 575 had that much room.

    Yeah, that's why I'm leaning towards 305 R888r over a wider tire. So it can have grip, but allow for some slip.
    The tires on it are useless (340 treadwear), it's like an AMG65 powered car with the traction control off. Rolling into the throttle over 3000rpm in first results in wheelspin. Simply switching over to a stickly tire in OE size would greatly help.
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    Interesting, do you happen to know if the rears directly bolted on or did they use spacers in the front?

    honestly my only concern with tires that wide in the front tram-lining. I’m sure the car is under steering a whole lot less though!

    I’m very excited to see how this turns out!!
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    That’s them, profil 5, they’re 3 piece modular. Instead of spacers, you could probably just get the correct inner and outer barrels and have the centers flush on the hub face.

    Now I’m thinking hard about making space for a Maranello your 550 with those wheels is definitely encouragement

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    I'll eventually get around to rebarreling them but for the time being, this works. They were originally mounted on a 360. My car had BBS LM's on it with spacers on the rear...after mounting the Profil5's I decided to slap the spacers back on because I like a more flush look.

    Highly recommend a 550 for anyone who can swing it. Modern classic in my opinion that keeps getting better with age.
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    I struggle to imagine how bad the tram lining would be on UK roads with 315 tires! Probably do better on us roads though. Nobody seems to be able to lay a wobbly road like the Brits.

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    Terry H Phillips
    Tram lining does not seem to be as much of a problem with modern radial tires and power steering. Some of my old Corvettes with bias plies and no power steering, though, really jerked on your wrists. That was half a century ago, though, in the 60s and early 70s.

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