599 pre purchase inspection shows need for new ceramics

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    Another plausible theory for the CCB's being worn that much with only 26k kms on them - the electronic / digital odometer could have been fraudulently digitally reflashed to indicate a lower mileage!

    Might sound like a fool's theory but it has happened at least a few times at a Ferrari Palm Beach dealership in Florida. It was a huge scandal where folks were suing and countersuing each other according to newspaper report plus there was a huge state court and federal investigation conducted to determine who was the guilty party: the car owner (it was a 2015 LaFerrari) who allegedly requested it (to sell his car for a higher price?), the Ferrari salesperson (who got fired!), the Service Manager who authorized the change, or the technician who performed the change, or all or none of the above.

    Florida Lawsuit Alleges Ferrari Dealer Rolled Back Mileage ... › news › florida-lawsuit-all...

    Ferrari does have an electronic tool that can be used to reset the odometer's mileage when an occasion / failure requires a car's TFT instrument panel to be fully replaced by a new one! To meet DOT rules, the new instrument panel must be reset to the damaged/failed last reported mileage.

    Ferrari Admits To Knowingly Allowing Dealers To Change ... › ferrari-admits-to-knowingly-allowi...
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