79 308 GTB Exhaust Replacement

Discussion in '308/328' started by 4right, Aug 29, 2009.

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    The engine in currently out having the lower cam belt pulley bearings replaced. Since the engine is out and the original exhaust is sitting on the shop floor with 30 years of rust attached to it, I thought that it would make sense to replace it with a new Tubi, Stebro, Ansa etc.

    There is a Stebro system on ebay listed for a 308 GT4. I was informed that the system would bolt up perfectly to my 79 308 GTB. I am assuming that this is accurate. I understand that I will be loosing the cats in the process, probably a good thing.

    Now my concern is once installed, will the exhaust tips match up perfectly with the existing 308 GTB rear valance.

    Before I get everything installed and find out later that I have a problem, I thought that I would ask first.

    Thank You for everyone's help in advance.

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