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    Apr 4, 2004
    Hello All-

    I’m posting this for a friend.

    He has owned this '81 308 since '85 and has invested ~ $60K into it. He has finally decided to get out of it since he dosen’t do any of the work himself and the current shop it is at wants $20-30K to finish it.

    This is the perfect car for the mechanic who knows 308’s and has the tools to reassemble it. The car has the entire engine/power train installed with no further work necessary(probably need new cam belts again), basically it needs the listed missing parts installed as well as the interior(which is new/complete). Owner (at this point) wishes to sell the entire car as a project car-and not to part out.

    The owner lives in Minnesota and the car is at a Ferrari specialist shop in Wisconsin. The car(at this point) will remain at the shop untill sold. It will be the buyers responsibility to obtain the car from the shop.

    He is looking for offers over $10K, he would probably take the first $15. If interested contact me(Bob) at and I will forward you his(Jim's) phone number for specifics. The following is what I remember about the car:


    1981 308 Ferrari.49774 actual miles.Last started 5years ago.
    *All new cambelts
    *Air conditioner rebuilt
    *Suspension; disassembled/cleaned, replated where necessary,Koni shocks revalved-original,ball joints/tie rod ends all new/ steering column reconditioned.
    *Interior; all new Broadcloth-headliners/back deck.All new Conelly leather seats/trim panels etc.
    *Paint; car stripped to metal repainted stock red.
    *Wheels; all wheels repowder coated as stock & new center hubs, new tires.

    * Both passenger & driver side windows & electric motors
    * Horn & horn compressor
    * 4 wheel well skirts

    Thanks, Bob
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