812 GTS.....must have options!

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    1) No carbon
    2) Standard seats, Daytona style, white or cuoio with black inserts (my preference)
    3) Not carbon interior. Piano Black preferably (example of Piano Black steering wheel in a Portofino)
    4) Black ceramic, unless you want to "break" the blackness of the rear part/diffuser, thus Standard or Titanium.
    5) Personally no, the amount Ferrari asks for Apple CarPlay is ridiculously expensive.
    6) Oh yes
    7) Yes
    8 and 9 are part of the ADAS. If you don't bother to have a square cut-out section of the front part for the radar (see here), go for it.

    Other must-have options:

    a) Painted shields
    b) Black center wheel hubs
    c) Titanium bolts
    d) Passenger Display
    e) LEDs on steering wheel wrapped in leather
    f) Bespoke 812 GTS luggage, when available
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    Stickbones Swagglesmith

    Gotta love autocorrect... :)
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    Smh. I'm sure there is a collision failure joke here somewhere.
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    I’d agree if it allowed the passenger to control the Apple CarPlay but otherwise not so useful in.our household.
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    Personally my spec for the GTS will be something like this:

    Blu TDF with all exterior carbon fiber but with the tinted body color diffuser if available, I really don't like the carbon fiber diffuser on the 812.
    I like the idea like in this picture of the combination with racing seats and bordaux alcantara.

    I will loooove to have painted shields on this one and probably the interior carbon will be just the driver zone this time.

    Of course passenger display, I really love it, and unfortunately lifter for me is a must pick option since I can't get inside my garage otherwise :D

    PS in the configurator looks like there are still the old mirrors, there isn't anymore the carbon fiber option for the new ones.

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    The Carplay control is an issue, but then again, I can't think of any manufacture who has integrated the Carplay as poorly as Ferrari to be honest, and that's not just with the passenger display. But disregarding the Carplay, for the "normal" functions and ability for passenger to use satnav etc. especially in a car where there's no center screen, it's a great thing. And when I'm in a passenger seat with a display, I definitely think it adds to the experience.

    I think whether or not it's a must depends on the usage. If the driver is alone in the car 95% of the time and never bring passengers with an interest, yes, then it's of little use. If you often bring a friend or relative who is also into the whole thing, and switch between driving and riding along etc. then there's a lot of fun to be had with it actually.
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    Since it’s a GT I would likely keep regular seats.
    Exhaust, unless you plan to go aftermarket I’d keep sports options, if not basic and upgrade.
    I like the look of CF mirror with red or black car.
    I love apple CarPlay.
    CF wheels

    Sadly I can’t afford one just yet;)

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    I have done a couple of F12's and 812 SF, here's my take.

    1. Exterior, take everything or nothing;
    2. Standard. (Racing seats for resale)
    3. Interior, yes for sure, I find that without CF looks poor and aging badly. Check out the none cf interior in the current F12 used market. I wouldn't consider them if i was in the market for one unless the budget limits my choice.
    4. It's just the tips I'm assuming, choose the one goes well with the body color you go with.
    5. Yes
    6. Throw it in if you load the car up, leave it if it's a low optioned or standard car.
    7. Yes
    8. Same answer as Q6.
    9. Same answer as Q6
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