A Chicago institution expands southward:

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by Gatorrari, Dec 14, 2018.

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    Jim Pernikoff
    A small point, really, but if you care, Gino's East opened its first Atlanta location today. In my rare visits to Chicagoland I always made it a point to go there (typically a now-defunct location in Rolling Meadows) for their deep-dish pizza. But now I'll be able to get it here.

    So if you come visit Atlanta and get a hankering for deep-dish, you don't have to wait until you get home. And if you prefer hot dogs, Italian beef or gyros, a place in Marietta called Chicago Delights should prove quite satisfying.
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    As a Chicagoan that travels to Atlanta frequently, thanks!

    Now, can you recommend a northern Indian/Punjab Indian restaurant in Buckhead or around there? I just love Shahi Paneer, rice and garlic naan. And a Kingfisher (if they ever get back into production.)

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