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  1. cwilson13

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    I like in Atlanta and looking for a little regional help regarding a Porsche Cayenne I am interested in over at Marshall Goldman.

    Trying to see if anyone has any current or recent experience with these guy that they can share...either publicly or privately. Good/Bad/Ugly?

    While I did a search and read through various threads on Fchat, most were at least a few years old...and many were from way back. Some good, some bad. Management evolves, business practices evolve so just trying to gauge if any of you would buy a car long distance from them at this time...or stir clear.

    Also, I was told there was a shop called Steinel's Autowerks who might do a PPI for me (or are they not close enough MG to help?). Are they a well known asset or should I maybe call the local Porsche dealership instead?

    Thanks in advance for any insights.

  2. FerrariF50lover

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    I know two people who have bought cars from them one was a 550 and the other was a 911 Turbo S, they both said the same thing highly professional and great experience. Call Porsche of Beachwood for a PPI they are great people.
  3. HOF Ferrari

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    I have dealt with them and purchased 5 cars from them in the last few years, first class operation, and most cars are in A1 condition... Totally a family run, massive , exotic car dealership....Had a problem with a 1987 930 that I bought from them a couple years ago, and they stepped up to the plate and made it right, every other car I purchased from them has been perfect. . Steinels are relatively close and do a lot of Porsche work, As previously indicated Porsche of Beachwood, and Porsche of North Olmsted are both in Cleveland (Beachwood is much closer), and they can do PPI's also. The guy that has been running the place, Harlan, is Marshall's son, nice guy and knows his stuff, same different management, etc, always been Harlan or Marshall that run the show, and call the shots.
  4. FerrariF50lover

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    I was there walking around one day and Marshall walked around with me for about 15 minutes just asking me what cars I liked and the experiences he had with them. He's a tremendous guy.
  5. LI2782

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    Jul 19, 2010
    If you can stomach the price you’ll wind up with a good car!
  6. plastique999

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    Interesting, I’m finishing up a deal with MG on an Aston Martin DBS. Arranged a PPI at Aston OH, inspection clean, will
    sign docs Monday. I’ll let you know what condition the car arrives in.

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    Matt F
    I think that this is a frequently repeated sentiment.

    They have nice cars, but you will pay top dollar for them.

  8. todd6363

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    MG is know for having top quality cars. Several of my customers have purchased there.
  9. colombo2cam

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    Ted Reimel
    The funny feeling you have for paying top of the market soon gives way to long term happiness after purchasing then getting to drive a great car that is now yours. Pride of ownership. The elated feeling of a great deal disappears almost instantly when you realize the car is not all you have hoped for. Nothing worse than looking at and driving your dream and being reminded every time you see and drive it. Zero pride of ownership. The best part for me about owning a great car is after driving it looking over your sholder and sayin oh yea!
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