A really stupid thing I did.

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Bart, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. smsmd

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    Nov 12, 2003
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    Steven Scates MD
    I used to have a Lotus Europa in college. Once it started making this loud noise from the back when going around corners. A friend and I took it up to Highway 49 in California and started looking for the source. Couldn't find it, so we took out the trunk basket and he climbed inside the engine compartment while I threw it through some corners. He found a suspension part that was the problem, but Highway Patrol found us with him hiding in the engine compartment at 60mph.
    He yelled at us and told us we were idiots. He asked where the car was made and I said "England." He had owned a sprite and said it was nothing but trouble, so he let us go with a warning. On the way home, the left rear wheel fell off the car.
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    Nov 7, 2003
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    Priceless!!! ( kinda sounds like Laurel & Hardy )
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    Jan 4, 2004
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    George Avgerakis
    I'm 48 and still good friends with my high school English teacher and her husband, a Princeton grad. I drive to meet them at Princeton for lunch, parking in a faculty lot. Come back three hours later to see the keys in the car and the motor running.

    Not to be outdone, two years later I park my NYP licensed minivan in midtown Manhattan to take my Dad for a medical checkup. Yep, you guessed it, came back an hour later to see the car still running, keys inside, locks un-locked and NOBODY paying it any attention. A number of years back, cops would park a car with keys in it to catch car thieves. I imagine they thought NYP meant NY Police (it's PRESS).

    And my English teacher remarks, without the slightest pause, "You always were absent minded, George."
  4. Ken

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    Oct 19, 2001
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    Does anyone own a Ferrari with a working hand brake?

  5. marcos

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    Dec 30, 2003
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    Marc den D.
    Wel Bart,

    At least you can only blame yourself... Fiat (I can't affort a Fer) is only one year old now. I found it three weeks ago... ...a grey BMW crashed it and drove away! Luckely somebody saw the accident and wrote down his licence plate... ...but when my car was a month old it was hit by a truck! When I saw the damage the truck was long gone leaving my car with structural damage!!! I'm still recovering from the repair costs...

    Keep a better eye on your handbrake next time!?

  6. BigTex

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    Dec 6, 2002
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    No, actually there's not a working Ferrari handbrake in the whole world.

    My neighbors told me one Saturday morning that when mine was in the street, they couldn't wake me up and they had to push it back into my driveway.

    I was so embarrassed I moved away.
  7. BigTex

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    Dec 6, 2002
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    There was a time three kids got into it when it was displayed.

    They put it in neutral and were rolling off down the Children's Museum sidewalk when the Dad saw 'em. He also tried to stop it by pushing on the front bumper, but was having a hard time!

    I'll never forget the look on his face.

    Me: "Off you go lads, that's a good boy!" LOL

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