a very fast well driven 348 gives a superbike a run around the Ring

Discussion in '348/355' started by 275GTB, Jul 19, 2019.

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    John C
    Great find! Thanks.
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    Jason Berkeley
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    Did you notice the driver of the 348 was eating french fries?
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    Robb Williamson
    348 Challenge
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    Mitchell Le
    I don't think the bike was going all out until the very end.
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    Not to rain on anyone's parade, but, as a professional AMA /FIM Motorcycle Racer(in an earlier life, way to old now LOL) this rider was looking at the leaves on the trees!!! The throttle was backing off/metering far to much to actually suggest competition... more likely a Sunday afternoon cruise. All that said, nice vid, enjoyed it. Note: a TZ750 from the 70's would be going past that 348 still on 1 wheel..!
    "Rubber side Down, Shiney side Up"!
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    Tim Dee

    Yeah the guy on the bike was just out for a sunday cruise and closed or passed at will on the cars. Did not see redline on him once LOL
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    Another possibility is that maybe the 348 knew the track and was a regular. Maybe the motorcycle rider was not as familiar with the track as the car.
    I have driven at the ring maybe 20 times over the years, i am no were near knowing the track.
    Anyone who acually has been to and driven the green devil can tell you that the 348 driver did well.
    I have seen many many top end bikes and cars go there, just to be shown a clean pair of heals by locals who drive it most evenings when its open to the public, and in cars like Golf GTis, 90s BMWs, and 600cc motorcycles.
    People travel from all over europe to drive the track and only for a hand full of laps.
    Yea, anyone who does not know that devil will be eaten alive if you push it.
  10. JLF

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    ^^^^ that never gets old
  11. A348W

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    its clear both drivers know the circuit very well.

    The bike was obviously holding back on the straights; but not sure he could have taken the 348 through some of the twisties.

    Regardless, the 348 driver is fast and pushing hard.
  12. Jackie and bill

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    From what I have seen on the ring is that apart from some drivers having little knowledge of the track. The biggest obstacle is the fear of crashing your pride and joy. Even though it is acualy classed as a public toll road, many insurance companies will not cover you on your policy unless you pay a premium for special cover. Thats why guys in cheaper cars dont have the worry of protecting exotic metal when they throw there golfs into the corners hard.
    I can tell you that most drivers DO NOT take out special insurance when they attend the ring. Plus...any damage to the barriers has to be paid for along with recovery if needed, before you leave the track, expensive indeed.
    I remember when a ferrari 360 spun when i was there, he travelled down with our group. It had frontal damage, the first thing he did was remove his number plates , i wonder why ;) He was not covered by his insurance and had to pocket it all him self.
    So now thats said it should make you appreciate what that 348 driver did in the OPs video .
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    Brian White
    I was just driving a Williams FW31 on the
    ring just today. :). (yes it has McLaren Vodafone livery)

    iRacing. Lotus 79 is my fav, but my hand shifter is broken for some reason—so using the paddles on a more modern F1 car.

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    Thanks for the share. I honestly think the Bike was holding back... but so be it.. most of our beloved 348s could be beaten by the latest Honda odyssey.

    Still a great video

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