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    Tuna Kaya
    Hello everyone. I'm an 18 years old boy, living in Turkey and a big fan of Ferrari. Next month, I'll have a highschool graduation party/ball and I want to dress up my suit with Ferrari lapel pin. I'm searching it for a few months but all the lapel pins I've found are a little bit high for my budget. In Ferrari's official store, it's 24€. The used lapel pins on other sites are about 10-15€ but with shipping, these lapel pins will cost me about 20-25. Turkish Lira's value is low nowadays, so they are very expensive for me. I'm searching for cheaper way. Do you know a store or somewhere selling these products? Can you help me about it?

    PS: I thought this thread is not exactly about collectable items, so I opened it to this topic. And sorry for my English.
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    Wade O.
    Have you looked at eBay? Lots of them are listed for $10 and with free shipping.

    Ferrari Lapel Pin - eBay
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    I have some, sometimes I used them.
    Between 85/90 it was a great période for pins.
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    Jan 9, 2020
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    just curious why wasn't my comment approved?
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    This isn't a for sale listing. So your comment wasn't appropriate.

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    Jan 9, 2020
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    thank you :)
    Now my indignation comment will be left here forever lol :)
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    So, from the very beginning I wanted to say that I've been collecting lapel pins since I was 15. This is my favorite activity so I know almost everything about them. You say you need one with the Ferrari logo , hmm I have one that looks like the one you are looking for. At first I tried to order it from eBay, but the seller was an idiot and sent me not what I wanted, a pin with a pony. Now I order all my custom enamel pins on the online site which sells all kind of pins.

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