360 AC compressor

Discussion in '360/430' started by 78bonanza, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. 78bonanza

    78bonanza Karting

    Apr 1, 2018
    Full Name:
    Jim Cear
    Is there a good source for a rebuilt/replacement AC compressor ?
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  3. Ghostdiver

    Ghostdiver Formula Junior

    Mar 18, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    Full Name:
    Wally Hollar
    I found this on the board here.

    8FK 351 102-001 HELLA Compressor air conditioning

    It's not the exact same as the OEM unit as it has a 6 groove pulley vs. the 5 groove but you can pull your clutch off and replace it or just put it on as is. Only difference I found is the Ferrari unit has manifold attached while this one does not so you must transfer it. Not a big deal. This also shipped full of oil.
  4. Rifledriver

    Rifledriver Two Time F1 World Champ

    Apr 29, 2004
    Austin TX
    Full Name:
    Brian Crall
    Send it to Austin Rebuilders in Texas or Ranshu with several locations. . Very fast turn around and its cheap.
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  5. 78bonanza

    78bonanza Karting

    Apr 1, 2018
    Full Name:
    Jim Cear
  6. Continental AutoSports


    Aug 22, 2006
    Hinsdale, IL
    Full Name:
    Jeremy Sus / Parts Department
    We've had some luck with rebuilding some compressors.
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  8. gidleigh

    gidleigh Karting

    Nov 27, 2010
    Coronado, Ca
    Just had mine rebuilt at Compressor International in LA. I live in the San Diego area. I sent it up on a Tuesday USPS priority. They got it the next day. 24hours later it was back in the post and I received it Thursday. I does not come with oil in it so you or your mechanic need to put 4 ounces of PAG 100 oil in it before installation.
  9. gidleigh

    gidleigh Karting

    Nov 27, 2010
    Coronado, Ca
    I forgot to give the price. $235 + $20 shipping.
  10. Skidkid

    Skidkid F1 Veteran
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Aug 25, 2005
    Campbell, CA
    Full Name:
    John Zornes
    I used these guys as well. They did a good job, or at least it kept running for many more years.
  11. Donny360

    Donny360 Rookie

    Aug 10, 2019
    Full Name:
    Don sirikhoth
    Found this company Compressor International it rebuild and return core for 350. company called Cool Air Parts brand new not rebuild direct fit 650 dollars for Ferrari 360 ac compressor
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  13. Sergio Tavares

    Sergio Tavares Karting

    Nov 15, 2018
    Full Name:
    Sergio Tavares
    Did the system have oil before or have you removed 100% of the old oil?
    Adding new to old just increases quantitia oil in system, not always good

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