Actual Driving Impressions/Thoughts

Discussion in 'SF90 Stradale' started by jumpinjohn, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Fortis

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    Nov 2, 2019
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    Thank you for the write up, really enjoyed reading it.
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  3. of2worlds

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    Apr 6, 2004
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    Not to speak for the owner but as I recall he got the base model which seems rather wonderful from his eloquent description of the driving experience!
    Rosso Fiorano also looks wonderful to.
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  4. Caeruleus11

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    Jun 11, 2013
    Thank you so much @gzachary for your very helpful and interesting write up on the car. I think the car is fascinating and I can’t wait to try it!

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  5. gzachary

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    Actually thank you for speaking me and saving one extra post. :). Yes no AF. Thank you as well for the compliment on the writeup.

    I was also thinking about Rosso Maranello. I was getting conflicting information on how dark Maranello would be. Because of the design, I decided a darker color for myself. And a darker red. Maranello and Fiorano were my two top reds for the car. In the end, I chose Fiorano because it was less cherry red than Maranello and could have a darker, more burgundy color at some of the design “creases.” I do think Maranello could be great on an AF car with a silver stripe as Maranello has a good amount of silver in it.

    I thought about getting the AF but getting the lifter is important to me. I have scratched the backside of the under bumper of too many cars from “that” one time of not remembering to put the lifter on. All scratches were easy to fix and not visible but gave me the horrible feeling. There is a lot of bad storm drainage where I live and there are a lot of drainage cut outs on every intersection, road, etc to deal with sudden rain coming down the hill. It just takes one mistake. On top of that, lots of darkness with packed trees at night and lots of deer. AFS makes me feel more confident. I once hit a deer in another car at 40mph that just leaped across the road coming around a winding corner. Not in a Ferrari. In a MBZ CLS 55. The CLS had a crushed bonnet but otherwise was fine. It was a large buck. The AFS makes me feel a little safer.

    I didn’t know that AF cars were getting better sound than base cars.

    Also, some great roads near me. And some bad roads near me. So I wanted bumpy road capability.
  6. Lukeylikey

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    Mar 3, 2012
    Nice review! I know the SF90 and TDF are different cars but I get what you are saying. From what I know of all the other cars, with your review I feel pretty confident I can imagine what the SF90 will be like when ours arrives. Is yours an AF car? Ah, I saw the answer in your later post.
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  8. buddyg

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    Sep 20, 2004
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    What a perfect pair I absolutely love the TDF and the new tech is cool even if I don't like the looks of the SF90. Congrats!
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  9. BMan14

    BMan14 Karting

    Dec 31, 2013
    I drove an SF90 Monday and was blown away. It's 765LT fast - or faster - but feels more stable, controllable, and drama free, but still a very memorable and exciting car. The electric mode was cooler than I thought it would be too. The full electric seats seemed a little firmer than I was expecting but that's a small gripe. I am so excited to get my Spider early next year!!
  10. D11

    D11 Karting

    Sep 26, 2010
    Monza comparison is interesting, because initially the demand/response for the car was luke warm when described to qualified buyers. However, once seen in person the desire in the US picked up tremendously and sold out leaving demand unsatisfied based on the model unit run. The few that have traded hands I’ve heard have moved at a few hundred thousand dollars over MSRP.

    We seem to be seeing somewhat of a similar demand pick up with the SF90. I believe due to the Stradale’s unveil at the end of 2019, the car was somewhat of a victim of Covid timing as the world turned upside down in February of 2020. Everyone pivoted their attention somewhat, the economic/market conditions became extremely uncertain, and the world somewhat paused with lockdown restrictions and supply disruptions. Due to product announcements to appease Wall Street, in the midst of Covid lockdowns, we see the unveil of the SF90 Spider with what was supposed to have been the timeline where many customers had already received their Coupes, but with the shutdown no cars had been delivered yet. In addition, through this time period very few American journalists attended SF90 launch events for content/reviews on the car. Hence why you see primarily only European journalist reviews on YouTube. Fast forward to the last few months, people are seeing SF90’s in person as customer cars arrive to US dealerships and Ferrari is sending demo cars around and potential buyers are getting a go behind the wheel. As a result, the desirability for the car seems to be increasing significantly and somewhat similar to what occurred with the Monza after people saw it in person. As stated in a previous post, the build slots only seem to be getting tougher to get, not widely available as rumored potentially ~12 months ago.
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  11. paulchua

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    Paul Chua
    Agreed, Anybody that says the latest batch of super cars are ‘boring’ are not driving them at the limit, be sure to pack extra underwear.
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