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    Advert Posting Guidelines
    Updated 8th January 2019

    Be an informed member in the classifieds:

    The rules and guidelines pertaining to the classifieds area has been updated for 2019, so please make sure you familiarize yourself with the requirements for participants:

    Please remember that "bumps" which are the use of non-meaningful posts such as: "bump", "still available", "great deal", "unique item", "anyone?", etc. are not permitted. Updates must contain substantive new information or a meaningful change to sale parameters. The classifieds forums are focused on advertisements and are not suitable for chat/appreciation or discussion of market trends, so please be aware of the rules regarding commentary.

    Sellers and buyers, please report any violations of classified area standards to the moderation team via the report button on the relevant post. We will tend to it as soon as possible.​

    Posting your advert:

    Before you create your classified advert thread, you should put some thought into what you would like to say, what pictures you want to include in the first post, and how you want to format the text. This is the time to put your best face forward.

    Remember to select an appropriate thread status tag. At this stage, it will typically be For Sale or Wanted. See below for more information about thread tags.

    Prices are now required for sellers. However, it is advisable to place these in the text instead of the thread title. Prices in the title might become outdated if you later change them, so please bear that in mind and choose a title that will reflect your ongoing sale whatever you decide to do with the price in the future.

    Before clicking to create your thread, make use of the preview button. This will let you examine and easily fine-tune your own own presentation before going live with a created thread. Once the thread is live, you only have a short window to make any changes to the text of the opening post before it is set.​

    Price reductions and other updates:

    Moderators might edit thread titles that are erroneous or misleading as time or attention is available, but these will be rare occurrences. We cannot fine tune thread titles or posts or restart entire adverts just because the author gets a better idea a little later. The entire thread is considered your advert, rather than just the first post, so it is expected that you will put your updates (price, mileage, new pictures, etc.) in the thread as new posts rather than repeatedly request assistance to manage the thread title and first post as a living document throughout the entire sale.

    If you decide a substantive update such as a price reduction is required, add a post regarding the price drop. This will make the thread newly active to members who may have previously read and passed over the thread and members following the thread can check in to see what changed - members subscribed to the thread will not get notifications of first post edits so they reduce update visibility, are not to anyone's advantage anyway, and are not an option.​

    Thread tags and editing your advert's status:

    Thread tags indicate the status of an item. We presently use:
    • For Sale
    • Sold
    • Taken Off Market
    • Sale Pending
    • Wanted

    Moderators will change thread tags for you upon request. To bring a thread status update to the attention of the moderators, please follow these steps:
    1. Post your update in the thread: sale pending, sold, or withdrawn from market.
    2. Hit the report button on your update post to bring it to the attention of the moderators.
    3. Be patient. A moderator will change the thread tag for you as soon as possible.

    Any questions, contact a moderator or one of the administrators, Jack (Booker) or Rob (Rob Lay).

    All the best,
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    I can't imagine anyone having an issue with any of these requirements.

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    robert shelbourne
    just don't know how to go about starting the posting !!

    any help
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    Russell Warwick
    I'm looking for a specific car and I can't figure out how to post my wanted post.
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    Ken S
    In the F/S section, click "Post New Thread", on the left hand side, select drop-down (where it starts with "No-Prefix") select "Wanted", fill out the subject/what you're looking for in body, then start thread.
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    Before you get into the mechanics, you need to be a subscribed user first (not just a registered user). Go to "Upgrade" on the menu bar.
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