Advice for conv top repair.

Discussion in 'California/Portofino/Roma' started by HollywoodRich, Oct 6, 2021.

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    Richard Rosen
    The roof kinematics latch is broken.

    I see the part on Scuderia. Shipping from UK. Could be a few weeks.

    And I've found some other pics where we can better see how the plastic runs along the track. The hydraulic pistons push this and that latches the top.

    I also found a complete assembly on ebay

    Shipping from Sacramento. I am in LA.

    My mechanic wants to buy the eBay unit.

    He says there is a benefit of replacing the whole assembly VS trying to remove just the track/ kinematics latch. If there was an issue with the piston too. We'd have another piston.

    What do my fchat friends think? Used eBay. Shipping faster?

    OR oem new in maybe a few weeks.
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    My concerns would be twofold … if the part originally failed due to fatigue then you are replacing it with a part with an unknown history which may be just as fatigued and could fail again. Secondly, that eBay part is likely from a wrecked California and may be compromised as a result.

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