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    keith friedman
    So newbie here— recently bot my first ferrari and I have become slightly obsessed. I bot a gtc4lusso so I could habe a fun car that my whole family can enjoy.
    Im now thinking about my next one — given the lusso will likely depreciate immensely I thought my next one should be an investment in addition to enjoyment.
    I was hoping the experts here could help me a bit. Im thinking of getting a challenge stradale in red with stripe but recently got to see a 430 in 6 speed. The salesman said that the 430 could be a good investment due to it being manual — any thiughts there or to the challenge? Finally I was curious as to why 308s seem to be so unloved from a price perspective — could buying 2 nice 308s equate to buying Dinos 10-15 years ago? I apologize if these are dumb questions but like I said Im very new to this. Thx in advance
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    Don't expect the 430 in stick to appreciate or the Challenge Straddle to appreciate. If it's not a limited run of 500 cars or less in a Halo car... don't expect ANY Ferrari to appreciate.
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    the cs has a better chance of appreciating than the 430 stick.

    if you want a stick for $150k, then buy a 512tr. so much more car.

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